Str 30, Int 45, Dex 45, Agi 40, Vit 35, Hon 25,
Light Weapons 5, Parry 7, Light Armor 7, Arcane Magic 5, Nether Magic 10, Inspect Traps 10, Disarm Traps 10
Learning Bonuses
Alchemy, Magic Weaponry, Nether Magic, Thief Skills
New Skills

Ascension Quest: To become a Cabalist, you must first ascend into the Trickster role. Once you have, the guild will first ask you to find the hideout of Sleth Silverbane in the Forbidden Lands to retrieve a painting called "The Hanging of the Brae Witches". Once Sleth has been slain and the painting returned, you must then travel to the Vale of Ruin to defeat a conjurer named Daedelus Thule. Defeat the evil mage, then return to the guild once more to ascend into the Cabalist class.