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Str 45, Int 30, Dex 35, Agi 35, Vit 45, Hon 30,
Heavy Weapons 10, Heavy Armor 10, Heavy Shields 10, Rune Magic 7, Nether Magic 7
Learning Bonuses
Armor Skills, Basic Weapon Skills, Shield Skills
New Skills
Inflict Wounds, Medium Dual Weapons

Ascension Quest: To become a Deathlord, one must first ascend into the Marauder role. Once you have, the guild will ask you to defeat a Demigoth slaver named Minas Taw to secure the release of a noble knight named Sir Falen. Track down Minas Taw along the Southern Boulders border in the Forbidden Lands, defeat him, release the knight, then return to the Guild of Fighters for another quest.

This time, the guild will ask you to defeat an evil Deathlord by the name of General Trajek. Travel to the Vale of Ruin to find Trajek, defeat him and his small army, then return to the Guild of Fighters once more to ascend into the Deathlord role.


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