Ulm, Lower Level

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Area Note

All of the treasure rooms in the southern part of the level will generate large fights. For the "outer" treasure rooms, your best bet is to stand in the doorway so you'll only have to face a couple enemies at a time -- that is, unless the enemies inside are poison slimes, and then you should jump back into the water and hit them with ranged attacks. The slimes won't follow you into the water.

The "inner" treasure rooms are traps. After you've entered the room, the door will shut behind you, and a wraith will attack you. Several skeletons will also be summoned into the room over time, and while they'll attempt to help the wraith, mostly all they'll do is get in the way of the wraith's spells. The door to the treasure room should open again after you've defeated the wraith.

Note: In early versions of the game, if you load your game while fighting a wraith in one of the inner treasure rooms, then the door to the treasure room will never open again, and you'll have to load your game from some point before the fight. This appears to have been fixed in versions 1.4/1.5.

1 - Locked Doors

You'll need the Fathien tomb key to open these doors.

2 - Loose Brick

If you push the loose brick, then you'll open the secret door at #3. A scout skill of 2 is enough to detect the brick (if the brick needs to be detected at all).

3 - Secret Door

4 - Skull Lever Rods

You'll find skull lever rods in two places on this level of the keep. They can be used in the mechanism at #9.

5 - Closed Grate

You can only open the grate by pulling the lever just south of it. That means you'll need to approach the grate from Exit A rather than Exit B.

6 - Half-Closed Grate

You can swim under the grate to get into (or out of) the room. The room is where you'll end up if you miss a jump while attempting to cross the broken columns in the main part of the keep.

7 - Lever Room

You'll find four levers in this room. The idea is to put the levers into the correct positions so that the door to the south will open. Since there are only four levers, there are only 16 combinations for how you can position them, and so you can probably solve the puzzle just through trial and error. But if that doesn't work, place the northeastern and southwestern levers in the "up" position, and place the northwestern and southeastern levers in the "down" position.

Note: Whatever you do, don't close the door after you've positioned the levers to open it. If you end up on the southern side of the door with the door closed, then you'll be stuck without any way to escape.

8 - Underwater Passages

You'll have to swim underwater to go through the passages to the east and west of the platform. If you want to explore everywhere then you'll have to do this, but if you just want to grab the Argalia (#12) and get out of the keep, then use a skull lever rod (#4) on the west slot in the mechanism (#9) to open the west door (#10). That will allow you to bypass the underwater passages and just wade through the water to get to the Argalia.

Note: If you use the underwater passages, then you'll probably run out of air before being able to surface. If that happens, use heal potions as necessary to keep yourself alive.

9 - Mechanism

The mechanism has two slots. If you insert the skull lever rods (#4) into them, then you'll be able to use the resulting levers to open the grates to the east and west (#10).

10 - Closed Grates

You'll only be able to open these grates by finding rods for the mechanism at #9.

11 - Secret Doors

You'll find the buttons to open these doors on the walls right next to them. A scout skill of 3 is enough to detect the buttons (if they need to be detected at all).

12 - Argalia of Eryldorn

The wraith in this treasure room won't appear until after you've taken the armor.

  1. Lift up to the main level.
  2. Stairs up to the main level.