Draedoth Temple, Khad's Domain

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Area Note

This area is similar to the final area of the Naga Temple in that you'll have to jump between broken walkways, defeat a boss, and claim a Relic of Power. However, here you'll also have to fight off demons and succubi, and you'll have to find four demon stones (#3), which will unlock the relic for you.

Parts of the area will collapse as you explore. The map shows the area in "pre-collapse" form. If you end up on the ground below, you can use the ledges to the south (#2) to climb back up.

Note: The (non-#3) chest on the western side of the area is a good source for heavy weapons, particularly greatswords, that you're not likely to find anywhere else. So if your character can use heavy weapons, be sure to save before opening the chest.

1 - Starting Point

The teleporter that brought you here was a one-way teleporter. To leave the area, you'll have to make your way to Exit A.

2 - Ledges

3 - Chest with Demon Stone

You should loot four demon stones before heading to fight Khad (#6).

4 - Baloroth

Baloroth casts a lot of fire-based spells, so if you can buff up your fire protection, then he shouldn't be too bad. But make sure you don't fight him with your back to the broken bridge to the south. Otherwise, his spells might push you over the edge.

If you have problems with Baloroth, you should be able to stand at the southern edge of the bridge so that only his head is visible on the other side. Then Baloroth won't realize that he can cast spells on you, but you'll be able to hit him with ranged attacks. You can also probably ping away at him from the walkways to the east or west. Baloroth won't move, so you won't have to worry about him chasing you.

When Baloroth dies, he'll drop the key of fire, which unlocks the door at #5.

5 - Locked Door

You'll need the key of fire from Baloroth (#4) to open the door.

6 - Khad

Khad is the patriarch of the druids in the temple. Like Baloroth (#4), his main attack is a fire spell, so if you can buff up your fire protection, then he shouldn't be too difficult to kill. If you knock Khad off the central platform, he'll just re-appear on it a couple seconds later, so don't worry about chasing him around. When Khad dies, he'll drop a demon stone, a dragon staff, and a high level ring (like a ring of delphi or a wizard's ring).

7 - Ward of Containment / Relic

The ward of containment surrounds the Shield of Retribution, the Relic of Power in the temple. To dismiss the ward, place a demon stone (from #3 or #6) in each of the four nearby Claws of Khad (#8).

Note: The Shield of Retribution doesn't look like anything special, but when you block with it, it will reflect spells back at their casters.

8 - Lift / Claw of Khad

Each of these platforms is really a lift. As soon as you step on one, it will raise you up so you can jump to one of the central platforms.

The lift will also raise you up so you can reach a Claw of Khad. The claw is a receptacle for a demon stone. When all four claws have demon stones in them, then the ward of containment will disappear from around the Shield of Retribution (#7).

9 - Door

This door will open after you've grabbed the Relic of Power (#7).

  1. Teleporter to the Main Level of the temple. To activate the teleporter, you'll need to put a demon stone (from #3 or #6) into the Claw of Khad on the northern wall.