The Sisterhood Quests

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The Sisterhood is a sub-guild that is only avaiable to females in Dungeon Lords. Because the Sisterhood is a sub-guild rather than a full guild, joining the guild won't lock you into a first tier class. You can simply use the Sisterhood to give your character new options when advancing. Provided that you have a first tier class without an associated second tier class, you can go outside the guild of the first tier class and select second and third tier classes from the Sisterhood. For example, if you selected fighter as one of your first tier classes, instead of staying with the Fighter's Guild and selecting knight or marauder as your second tier class, you could go with the Sisterhood and select enchantress or valkyrie. The hierarchy of classes is shown in our classes section.


There are two guildmasters for the Sisterhood:
  • Lady Chana (Sister Dhara) in the apothecary shop in Fargrove
  • Elvithra in the apothecary shop in Arindale


The quests for the Sisterhood work just like the quests for the four full guilds in Dungeon Lords, except that there is an extra step involved. To be introduced to the Sisterhood, you first have to rescue Lady Loriea from goblins (#1). From there, the sub-guild proceeds normally, with an initiation quest (#2), a second tier class quest (#4-5), a second guild quest (#3), and a third tier class quest (#6).

1 - Pre-Initiation Quest

In order to learn about the Sisterhood, you must be female, and you must rescue Lady Loriea from a goblin attack in Fargrove. Loriea can be found north of the Temple of the Circene. After the battle, Loriea will tell you to seek out Lady Dhara in the apothecary shop, and Dhara will then act as a Sisterhood guildmaster.

2 - Initiation Quest

Deliver Sister Dhara's special package (a letter) to Elvithra in her apothecary shop in Arindale.

This is a simple quest, and once you've completed it, you'll gain a heraldry bonus, and you'll be able to add a second tier Sisterhood class to your character.

3 - Second Guild Quest

Rescue Sister Talya from her brutal owner Kaugris in the Forbidden Lands.

You'll find Sister Talya and Kaugris together at a building. There isn't anything special about Kaugris -- he just does melee damage -- and there's even a campfire nearby, allowing you to heal easily. After Kaugris is dead, if you talk to Sister Talya, she'll give you a bracelet of power, which increases damage by 20%. If you're playing the Collector's Edition, then you'll also receive 10,000 experience and a point of honor. Then when you talk to a Sisterhood guildmaster next, you'll gain "the angel" heraldry bonus, and you'll also gain the ability to add a third tier Sisterhood class to your character.

4 - Valkyrie Class Quest (Class Information)

Defeat the evil valkyrie Ruenkavala at her camp near Ulm Lake.

Since there is a campfire in the area, this is a very easy battle. Just fight Ruenkavala and any elves who happen to be nearby, and then run over to the campfire and heal whenever you've taken enough damage. Eventually Ruenkavala will die.

5 - Enchantress Class Quest (Class Information)

Defeat the evil sorceress Lavishas and her gang of marauders at their camp near Lake Lohr.

We ran into Lavishas while moving north on the trail leading to Lake Lohr. The battle against the sorceress can be nasty, not because she is terribly powerful, but because she'll constantly summon wolves to fight you, and if you have trouble against packs of wolves, then you might get overwhelmed. We'd recommend you pick up some area effect spells before trying the battle.

6 - War Witch Class Quest (Class Information)

Find the dread witch Greuvenia the Pox in the Vale of Ruin, and there destroy her and her army of monsters.

Greuvenia is a pain. She'll fling an assortment of annoying nether spells your way -- "choking cloud," "locust swarm," "gripping vines," "sleep," and more. Worse, she'll cast those spells non-stop, meaning if you don't have the gas mask from the Naga Temple, you shouldn't even bother trying. The gas mask will counteract the "choking cloud" and "locust swarm" spells, which is how Greuvenia does most of her damage, and with those spells gone, you can just bring up a menu to wait out the paralyzing spells, and then attack Greuvenia whenever you're able. Eventually she'll go down, and you'll earn "the vixen" heraldry bonus when you return to a Sisterhood guildmaster.