Naga Temple East

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Area Note

As with the western side of the temple, a few of the treasure chests on this side of the temple were added in the Collector's Edition.

1 - Torture Room

You'll have to fight a bunch of naga in this room, including a floating fire gazer. You'll find another fire gazer in the room to the north (#1a). There is also a guard here that you can free (#1b). He works just like the guards in the western side of the temple, and you'll gain 10,000 experience if you escort him out.

To open the two prison cells here, just pull on the levers in between them. There's another lever to the southeast, but it only controls the big torture device along the southern wall. If anything interesting happens with that torture device, we didn't detect it.

2 - Bridge Puzzle

The object of the bridge puzzle is to pull the levers on the western wall so that they lower the bridge sections, allowing you to jump across to the other side. If you miss a jump and fall into the area below, then you'll have to circle around via the ledge at #2a to get back to the start.

If you turn towards the levers and number them from left to right (or south to north), then here's what they do:
  1. Alternates bridge sections 2 and 3.
  2. Moves bridge section 1.
  3. Alternates bridge sections 2 and 4.
  4. Alternates bridge sections 1 and 3.
The trick is that three of the levers move one section of the bridge down while moving another one back up, but one lever only moves one section. So if you find yourself with one bridge section up while the other ones are down, you'll need to "migrate" the raised section to the first spot so that you can lower it with lever two.

For example, if the second bridge section is up, and the other bridge sections are down, then you'd press lever one (to lower section 2 and raise section 3), press lever four (to lower section 3 and raise section 1), and then press lever two (to lower section 1).

If you haven't pulled any of the levers yet, then to solve the puzzle, pull lever three (to lower bridge section 4), pull lever one (to lower section 2), pull lever four (to lower section 3), and then pull lever two (to lower section 1).

3 - Mechanical Trap Room

All you can do here is dodge the traps, visit the level 6 and 7 chests, and then exit to the south.

4 - Fire Passage

If you don't have any fire resistance, then it will obviously hurt quite a bit to run through this passage. Fire resistant equipment can help, as can a crystal ward of fire, but for best results drink from one of the two fountains (#8) in this part of the temple. The fountains will make you immune to fire damage for a short period of time.

At the southern end of the passage you'll encounter a naga firespitter. The firespitter is tougher to kill than the other naga in the temple, and it can get in your way as you try to run through the passage, so be wary of it.

5 - Prison

You'll find a bunch of naga in the prison, including a naga prisonmaster. You might have luck moving back south immediately after opening the door to the prison, to draw the naga to you in a long line, making them easier to kill. Some people have gone into the prison and immediately freed the thief prisoners (#5b) -- the levers to open their cells are in the northeastern corner -- and let the thieves help in the battle.

The naga prisonmaster won't drop anything interesting when it dies, but after the battle you'll be able to walk up onto the platform to grab the gold key (#5a), which you'll need to open Valdane's cell (#12).

If you talk to the northernmost captive thief, he'll tell you a little about the naga queen, and also about the sigil you'll need to find in order to get to her (the sigil is in the western half of the temple). Then if you follow the thief to the western side of the prison, he'll thank you for helping him escape, and he'll give you a demon key. The key unlocks the door to a small treasure room in the Tomb of Souls.

6 - Treasure Room

The western door to the room can be opened by pushing the loose brick next to it on the inside. The southern door can be opened by pushing the loose brick near the traps in the hallway to the south (#6b).

7 - Spawning Naga Trap

The first time you enter this room, 3-4 waves of naga will appear and attack you.

8 - Fountain

These fountains make you immune to fire damage for a short period of time (although the effect won't show up on your character panel). Drink from one of them before you have to travel through the fire passage (#4).

9 - Trap Door

If you fall through the trap door, then you'll land in the caves at #9a. To get past the trap door, you'll have to jump over it. This can be a tough jump. For sure you should try to kill the naga spellcasters on the other side (or at least drive them back) so you don't get knocked back with a spell while in the air. Some people have reported success using a crystal of time to slow things down when they attempt the jump, and others have claimed that extra points in athletics can make things easier.

10 - Locked Door

The loose brick that opens the door is located up the stairs to the west. That is, you'll have to jump over the trap door at #9 to open the door, but as long as you can make the jump once, you'll be able to bypass it in the future by going through this door.

11 - Locked Door

The lever that opens the door is just to the east of it.

12 - Valdane's Cell

You can only open the door on the western side. That is, you'll have to travel through the hallway at Exit D to free Valdane. The door to his cell requires the gold key from the prison (#5a).

Valdane will tell you that his arrest by Lord Davenmor was just a sham to allow him to infiltrate Lord Barrowgrim's forces. The plan started well, but then it backfired when Valdane learned that Ellowyn had disappeared. At that point he returned to the castle to find her, but he was then captured by Captain Okatta and sent to the naga.

If you exhaust all conversation options with Valdane, then he'll give you the vial of Valdane's blood that Vartugg in Skuldoon asked for. After the conversation, Valdane will head towards the entrance of the temple, but he'll disappear before he gets there (that is, you won't get an "escort reward" with Valdane).

Note: After freeing Valdane, the northern door to the poison maze area (in the western half of the temple) will open.

13 - Mimic (Collector's Edition)

14 - Treasure Chest / Mimic (Collector's Edition)

If you're playing a regular version of Dungeon Lords, then you'll find a treasure chest here. If you're playing the Collector's Edition, then you'll find a mimic here.

  1. Passage back to the western part of the temple.
  2. Teleporter. South of the teleporter you should see the "sigil of the serpent." If you have the eye of the sigil (from the western half of the temple), then you can use it here to activate the teleporter. The teleporter will then take you to the relic area of the temple, where you'll also find the naga queen.
  3. Stairs. There isn't anything in the caves except for spiders and snakes, so there isn't any reason to use these stairs unless you're on your way back up after falling through the trap door at #9.
  4. Hallway. You'll need to travel through this hallway to reach Valdane's cell.