Custard Mansion

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Area Note

Custard Mansion was only half finished when Dungeon Lords was released. That's why there are so many rooms that you can't get into (#8) and a chest that you can't open (#5). This page is for the original, unfinished version of Custard Mansion. If you're playing the Collector's Edition, which contains the finished version, then please refer to the Custard Mansion (CE) section.

1 - Jump

In order to get from the eastern bedroom to the western bedroom, you'll have to leap across the broken floorboards here.

2 - Cellar Key

You'll find the cellar key on a table here. The cellar key unlocks the doors in the cellar (#3).

3 - Locked Doors

The doors here can be unlocked using the cellar key (#2).

4 - Chest

When you open the chest, you'll reveal Urcula's head, and the secret room to the south (#5) will open, allowing Urcula's body to attack you. Urcula's body hits hard but is slow, so you can let it chase you around the chest, stopping every so often to hit it with a ranged attack. Chances are, at some point the body will get stuck trying to chase you, and then you can just stop and ping away.

When Urcula's body dies, it will drop the Custard treasure map that you need for the Guild of Mystery test. However, Esmerelda's ghost will then appear and attack you. Esmerelda has a ranged cold attack, but if you block when she uses it, you won't get frozen. Esmerelda doesn't have as many hit points as Urcula, so if you use melee attacks when not blocking, you should be able to kill her pretty quickly.

5 - Secret Room

The secret room will open up after you've opened the nearby chest (#4). There's a treasure chest inside the room, but it's broken, and you won't be able to open it.

6 - Loose Brick

There's a loose brick high on the wall here. To push it, first break the crates and barrels on the floor underneath it. Then face it and jump while moving forward. You should be able to target the brick very briefly at the apex of your jump. But if you can't push it, don't worry about it. The brick only opens the empty secret room at #7.

7 - Secret Room

The secret room is completely... empty! Yay! However, there is one nice thing about the room: enemies seem very reluctant to enter it. That means you can let enemies (including Urcula) chase you to the room and then hit them with ranged attacks when they stop at the doorway.

8 - Inaccessible Rooms

So far as we know, there isn't any way to enter these rooms.

  1. Front door.
  2. Stairs between the first floor and the second floor.