Naga Temple Relic Area

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Area Note

The only way to reach this area is to teleport here. To do that, you'll need to pick up the eye of the sigil from the western half of the temple, and use it in the "sigil of the serpent" in the eastern half of the temple.

There are two things you'll need to do here: kill the naga queen Nypherus (she'll drop an eye of the sigil, which you'll need to activate the teleporter at Exit A so you can leave), and pick up the Robes of Regeneration, the Relic of Power here. To get the relic, you'll have to jump across many broken walkways so you can pull a lever (#1), get a key (#2), unlock a door (#2a), and finally pick it up (#3). If you're playing an early version of the game, then you can skip all that and swim right to the relic, but in later versions you'll encounter an invisible wall around the platform with the relic, and so you'll have to play the area as intended.

The naga queen floats around the area, but she'll find you quickly once you've moved away from the entrance. The queen won't come onto the walkways -- she'll stick to floating over the water -- but she'll use a nasty "solar ray" type spell (as of version 1.3) plus a poison cloud attack, and so it's not a great idea to trade ranged attacks with her. You should immediately get into melee range with her and take her down that way, even if it means jumping into the water. If you have trouble with her poison cloud attack, remember that the gas mask (from the western side of the temple) can protect you from it.

When she dies, the naga queen will drop the eye of the sigil, which you'll need in order to activate the teleporter at Exit A (in exactly the same way that you activated the teleporter to arrive here).

Besides the queen, there are also a series of "secret" rooms in the area. They're not secret like other secret rooms in the game. There aren't any secret doors that open them. Instead, the rooms are just complicated to get into, usually involving climbing up and around things. If you're playing a regular version of Dungeon Lords, then there isn't really any point to exploring the secret rooms, because you'll find that they're all empty. But in the Collector's Edition, most of them have treasure chests to reward your diligence.

Note: If you fall into the water, there are a few low platforms that you can use to climb back up to the walkways. They're shown on the map in a solid brown color.

Another note: Almost all of the treasure chests in this area were added in the Collector's Edition.

1 - Lever

The lever opens the door at #1a.

2 - Chest

The chest has a level 6 lock on it. Inside you'll find a skull key. The key unlocks the door at #2a.

3 - Robes of Regeneration

The robe is a Relic of Power.

4 - Secret Room

To get into this room, climb up its eastern wall.

5 - Secret Room

To get into this room, climb up the wall to the southwest.

6 - Secret Room

To get into this room, swim through the underwater doorway to the west.

7 - Secret Room

To get into this room, climb up onto the wall at #7a. Then jump counterclockwise from "step" to "step" along the wall.

8 - Secret Room?

There doesn't seem to be any way to get into this room.

  1. Teleporter. The teleporter starts out inactive. To activate it, you'll have to kill the naga queen and pick up the eye of the sigil that she drops. Then when you place the eye in the "sigil of the serpent" on the wall here, the teleporter will come to life and take you to the eastern half of the temple when you step on it.