Fargrove Sewers

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Area Note

All you can do at the top level of the sewers is follow the tunnel and then pull the lever marked "Enter Fargrove Sewers." This sequence is a little bit sloppy. Pulling the lever will load the sewers, but it'll seem like you've been moved to a new room. In actuality, you haven't moved at all. It's just that a grate will have closed behind you, making it darker in the tunnel, and a grate will have opened in the floor next to you, allowing you to travel down into the sewers.

Pulling the lever is a one-way trip. Once you've pulled it, you'll have to keep moving forward. You won't be able to go back to the campfire in the Northern Forest to heal -- ever. Not only will you not be able to re-enter the forest from the sewers, but Fargrove doesn't even have a northern gate (despite visiting it and discovering that it's locked), and so you won't be able to use the gate to visit the forest again, either.

Once inside the sewers, the basic idea is just to kill some things, loot some chests (marked with $'s), and make your way into Fargrove. The most common enemies you'll face are sewer slimes and goblins. Sewer slimes emit noxious green fumes that will cause your character to stop and choke, and so you should handle them like snakes. That is, you should back away from them while pelting them with your ranged attack.

1 - Starting Point

This is where you'll appear after jumping into the hole at the top level of the sewers.

2 - Locked Doors

These doors require the sewer key (#9) to open. You'll have to get into the rooms the back way to get the key.

3 - Lever

You'll need to pull this lever to open the door at #5.

4 - Locked Door

Like the other locked doors in this corridor (#2), you can use the sewer key (#9) to unlock the door. But unlike the other locked doors, the lock on this door can be picked open. However, the lock is level 4, and if you fail to pick it, then the lock will jam and you won't be able to open the door. Since you'll need "inspect" and "pick locks" to be around level 3 to have a realistic chance at picking the lock, it's probably easiest to simply wait until you have the key. Once past the door, you'll find a couple of level 3 chests.

5 - Locked Door

You can only open the door by pulling the lever at #3.

6 - Ladder

The only way to get up to the goblins on the walkways is via the ladder here.

7 - Goblin Battle

You'll face some goblins here. Don't fight the goblins near the staircase or else the ballista goblin (#11) will be able to target you, and his bolts will do some major damage. If you fall into the water during the fight, usually if you move next to the platform and then jump (by pressing the SPACEBAR), your character will climb up.

8 - Underwater Passage

There is a passage under the water where, which allows you to enter the room to the north. To swim underwater, point the camera straight down and then have your character to move forward. To surface, either do the opposite or tell your character to "jump."

9 - Sewer Key

The sewer key is just sitting on the ground next to a level 4 chest. You can use it to unlock the doors at #2 and #4.

10 - Bridge

The bridge starts out lowered. You'll have to pick up the bridge key (#12) so you can raise the bridge and cross it. The hotspots for the bridge can be found on posts flanking the bridge.

11 - Ballista Goblin

Chances are that the ballista goblin will be flanked by two archer goblins. So your best bet is to jump over the ballista goblin, kill the archer goblins, and then give the ballista goblin your full attention. Since the goblin has to crank back the bolt before firing, it's easy to tell when he's going to attack, and so you might want to try blocking with your shield to avoid some damage.

12 - Bridge Key

Use the bridge key to raise the bridge (#10). There is also a chest here.

13 - Locked Grate

There isn't any way to open this grate.

  1. Passage to the Theater Basement. At one point you'll need to destroy some crates to clear a path.