Human Lands Overview

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Area Note

This section only includes people and locations required for the main quests in the game. If you're looking for information on class or guild specific quests, then check the Guild Quests section.

1 - Starting Point

This is where you'll start out in the game. See the Northern Forest section for details.

2 - Fargrove

This is the main town in the game. See the Fargrove section for details.

3 - Lord Graemare's Camp

Lord Graemare will ask you to look for his son Valdane, who was recently arrested by Lord Davenmor in Fargrove. To that end he'll tell you to talk to Gileah, the tavern girl in Fargrove, so that you can get in touch with an agent of his named Mara. Gileah won't tell you anything if you go to her before Fargrove is locked down by Captain Okatta, but after that she'll direct you to Harrow Fields. That's where you should go after completing the quests around Fargrove and Arindale.

Lord Graemare will also let you know that he hasn't seen Lord Davenmor's daughter Ellowyn, who recently went missing. Even though people will eventually suggest that you should find Ellowyn quickly, you won't learn of her whereabouts until late in the game.

Note: In MMXII, near Graemare's Camp you'll get attacked by a group of Barrowgrim soldiers and goblins led by Captain Henic. Henic will drop a Silver Fang, a Grim Helm and more when he dies.

4 - Rianne's Shop

Rianne is a shopkeeper, and she's also a guildmaster for the Guild of Mages. In the Collector's Edition, you'll find a level 5 spell chest on the upper level of Rianne's shop.

5 - Shrine of Celestial Light

The shrine is involved in a quest from the Celestial Order.