Celestial Order Quests

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The Celestial Order is one of four guilds in Dungeon Lords. When you join it, you'll add the first tier adept class to your character (unless that was the class you selected at character creation). All four guilds work about the same. For each one, you'll have to go on an initiation quest (#1), then you'll be given a second tier class quest (#3-4), then you'll be given a guild quest (#2), and then you'll be given a third tier class quest (#5-6). You can join two guilds in the game, but you can only select one third tier class for your character, so try to plan out your advancement before selecting any quests.


The Celestial Order has two guildmasters:
  • Seer Paulus in the Temple of the Circene in Fargrove
  • Orlan Drey in the Temple of the Empyrean in Arindale

1 - Initiation Quest

Travel to the Shrine of Celestial Light and place the Candle of Stars upon the altar.

Once you've reached the shrine, climb the stairs to the upper level and press the SHIFT key at the altar to place the candle. You won't get a quest log update or anything, but the candle should appear on the altar. Then when you return to the Celestial Order, you'll get to pick a heraldry bonus, the adept class will become active (if it wasn't already), and you'll be able to add a second tier Celestial Order class for your character.

2 - Second Guild Quest

Place a Crystal of Clarity within each of the three Shrines of Power.

The shrines are located at #2a-c. This quest works exactly the same way as the initiation quest, except that there's three times the fun. After completing the quest, you'll be rewarded with a heraldry bonus, plus a sceptre of storms.

3 - Celestial Class Quest (Class Information)

Charge a special crystal at the Altar of the Diamond Light in the roosting grounds of the fire drakes.

Just run to the altar while dodging the fire attacks of the fire drakes. If you keep moving then you should be ok. Once you've charged the crystal, it will turn into a diamond light crystal, a fairly nice dagger. You'll be allowed to keep it at the end of the quest.

4 - Paladin Class Quest (Class Information)

Seek the Warrior of the Unholy Light in the meadowland vales of Talendor and defeat him in battle.

If you've already been through the Trial of the Ancient Elders, then you should recognize the Warrior of the Unholy Light since it will look exactly the same as the elven knight spirits from the trial, right down to its blue hue. The Warrior will use magic spells and melee attacks, but its magic spells are the much more formidable of the two, and so you should try to stay close and engage it with melee attacks.

5 - Stargazer Class Quest (Class Information)

Find the evil seer Okula the Eye, and defeat him and his army in the Vale of Ruin.

Okula is the Dungeon Lords equivalent of a beholder. If you've been to the Naga Temple already, then you'll recognize it as a more powerful version of the fire gazer. Okula floats, has a nasty fire attack that will push you back and stun you even if it doesn't damage you, and periodically he'll call up a green shield that will negate all attacks and reflect spells. That is, Okula isn't a lot of fun to fight, but in two battles with him we've noticed that he doesn't move at all, and so if you're patient you can just ping him to death with ranged attacks. For defeating Okula, you'll receive "the watcher" heraldry bonus.

6 - Crusader Class Quest (Class Information)

Challenge an Ancient Evil soon to appear in the Vale of Ruin and defeat it in battle.

The Ancient Evil is a big demon named Horveccus. He is much like the demon bosses in the Tomb of Souls -- with lots of hit points and nasty fire attacks -- but he's easier (and only worth about 1/10th as much as the Fiend of Ghazbu). A couple crystal wards of fire are a good idea here. Otherwise, you'll just need to wear him down and quaff as many potions as necessary. Defeating the demon will earn you "the avenger" heraldry bonus.