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Starting Equipment: None

Location: Government District

How To Acquire: Some fanatics are going to burn Viconia on a stake for being Drow. If you cut her down, she will join you.

PC Romance: I was playing a male, neutral good, human when I did this. After my party had resued Viconia from the fanatics she offered to join me and since I could use a good cleric and even Jaheira seemed positive about it, I accepted. In the following romance dialogs she told me much about her past in the drow society and the trouble she had had living on the surface. When answering I always showed understanding for her past deeds (revenge on rapists, being forced to serve Lolth, etc.) but I also defended my ethics ("I don't want to rule over others.", "I don't want to get Bhaal's powers.", concept of human families and marriage, etc.) and motives (e. g. for trying to rescue Imoen). Sometimes she was impressed by my opinion but most of the time she just insulted me or made fun of me but still kept being nice to her which rather irritated her. During this stage it became quite clear that she had neither amongst the drow nor amongst the surfacers expierienced concepts like love and trust. The first stage ended when my Player Character and Viconia had sex for the first time.

The day after that night she started yelling at me how pathetic my performance had been but I just told her that from my point of view she had quite enjoyed it and asked her what was wrong, she then hurled some insults at me and said nothing for a while. She finally broke the silence and told me some lies about her past to scare me of but I simply told her that I don't care about it and that really irritated her.

When the next dialog started she admitted that she had lied because she was afraid of the feelings our relationship had caused in her and that she would now be honest, my PC and her then had sex for the second time and she stopped insulting me. During this second stage which one could call the "happy days" you get the chance to show her some of the interesting aspects of human relationships. Sadly in the final stage some demons from Viconia's past (i. e. handmaiden of Lolth and her pet fiend) came for her and after I had defeated them, she told me that our relationship had no future because of Lolth's wrath for her and that she had to leave me. (*sniff*) I then persuaded her to stay to help me defeat Irenicus and she agreed but the romance was over. (for now - BG III ?)

NPC Interaction:

Viconia vs. Cernd

If you have these two in your party, it is only a matter of time before the drow starts hurling treehugger insults at Viconia. Unlike other NPCs though, Cernd doesn't seem to get overly upset at this. In fact, he almost seems to pity the drow by pointing out that by worshipping Shar she is following the path of entropy and revenge, giving her little to live for.

Viconia vs. Edwin

Edwin is immediately taken by Viconia's uh... charm. He initiates many dialogs professing his charm, to which Viconia chastises him as a lowly male. At some point Viconia will tease Edwin, taunting his sexual prowess, but nothing else really happens.

Viconia vs. Keldorn

I had both Viconia and Keldorn in my party because she's a damn good cleric and he's a damn good paladin (Carsomyr rules). They had a slight quarrel with each other, nothing serious it seemed. They threw mild insults at each other a few times and all of a sudden, quite surprisingly, Keldorn tells Viconia that if she's not gone in a day, he'll spit her on his sword. After a day he told her it was foolish of her to stay, and both left my party and started to do battle (which ended quite quickly in Keldorn's favor, once again: Carsomyr rocks). Conclusion: Viconia and Keldorn do NOT work in a party.

Viconia vs. Sarevok [ToB]

Viconia tells Sarevok how male pleasure slave among the drow were common and the best ones to break. She they tell him that her size intrigues her. He states then that he has faced armies, the wrath of the main character and the horrors of the abyss without blinking but that she scares him. She then yells about how much of a coward he is.

Viconia vs. Valygar

I had them both in my party for a while and they seemed quite unfriendly. I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere yet, but I suspect they'll finally have a go at each other. This is quite clearly demonstrated in the Government District. Outside the Firecam Estate there is a lady named Oriana or something by a fountain. I talked to her and she offered Valygar her services. Valygar said something about saving that for another time, and suddenly Viconia stepped into the conversation. She said that Valygar didn't seem attracted to women and that he probably liked ghouls better and then dared him to show her how to take a woman. Valygar became angry and they both left my party to do battle. I think something similar will happen sooner or later even if you don't talk to Oriana.