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Starting Equipment: Two Handed Sword +3, Light Crossbow +2, Full Plate Mail +1, Bolts of Biting, Bolts +1

Location: Abyssal Fortress

How To Acquire: Sarevok will offer to join after you agree to resurrect him in return for information.

PC Romance: None

NPC Interaction:

Sarevok vs. Anomen [ToB]

While crawling through the Saradush sewers, Sarevok tells Anomen to stop glaring, or he'll put out the cleric's eyes with a sword. Anomen says something about how Sarevok is only with the party on the sufferance of the main character, and then questions why Sarevok should be in the party in the first place. Sarevok explains that he is in the party because he is *useful*, unlike Anomen, the whining cleric.

Sarevok vs. Imoen [ToB]

This assumes that you allowed Imoen to give a piece of her soul to bring Sarevok back to life. About half-way through Saradush, Imoen asks Sarevok how he feels, having a piece of her soul inside him. He replies that apart from a newfound obsession with his weight and concern about his clothing, he doesn't feel anything in particular. Imoen pushes more seriously, and Sarevok admits (somewhat maliciously) that he can feel the pain of the tortures that Imoen experienced at Irenicus' hands. Imoen tries to tell Sarevok to stop, but he continues to taunt her, finally saying that he hopes that she won't just lie down and die when the other Bhaalspawn come to kill her.

Sarevok vs. Minsc [ToB]

Minsc tries to find out if he is the *real* Sarevok since he is not the "I-am-to-be-a-god" unholy butt that he once was. Sarevok then says dying has that effect and that the main character now directs his wrath.. Minsc wraps it up by saying as long as your boot kicks the butt of those that I kick the butt of, you are good, though I still don't think you're the real Sarevok.

Sarevok vs. Viconia [ToB]

Viconia tells Sarevok how male pleasure slave among the drow were common and the best ones to break. She they tell him that her size intrigues her. He states then that he has faced armies, the wrath of the main character and the horrors of the abyss without blinking but that she scares him. She then yells about how much of a coward he is.