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(AIR-ee) Aerie (lawful good, avariel elf female, mage/cleric) is a member of the winged elf race known as the avariel. Aerie, however, was captured at a young age and sold into slavery. Her imprisonment within her cage eventually traumatised her wings to the point that they had to be severed forcefully. Since then, Aerie has been a member of a circus that travels throughout Amn and Tethyr, most recently arriving in Athkatla. She knows little of the world outside of the circus, but is a good person at heart, and well-versed in the ways of magic by her mentor, Quayle.

Starting Equipment: None

Location: Waukeen's Promenade (Circus Tent)

How To Acquire: You can pick Aerie up after you kill Kalah and dispel the illusions.

PC Romance: If you are nice and sympathetic to her the romance moves along quite rapidly. With Jaheira (and/or Viconia) in the party the sparks fly and sooner or later you will have to 'choose'. If you choose Aerie her dialogues continue while the others cease.

Then comes the crunch, she invites you to 'share her blanket'... If you sleep with her she will say that things are moving too fast and she thinks she should go her own way, but you can convince her that your mission is too important for her to leave.

If you do the 'decent' thing and decide not to sleep with her, she respects you and stays.

Additionally, if Haer'Dalis joins your team, the romance heats up. Haer'Dalis begins flirting with Aerie ... but Aerie continues her romance with you. At one point in time ... Aerie forces you to tell her you love her or the romance is over. If you say you love her, she feels guilty about loving you and Haer'Dalis both at the same time. Haer'Dalis steps up to you and tells you to step out of the way ... if you refuse, sometime later, Haer'Dalis loses his cool and challenges you to a duel. Aerie will step in to stop the fight. Eventually you will have 3 choices. If you maintain your cool and don't whack that idiotic tiefling, Aerie chooses you and Haer'Dalis leaves. If you attempt to fight him, Aeire chooses him. If you are a gentlemen after Aerie chooses him and give them your blessings, they stay. If you get angry with them, both Aerie and Haer'Dalis leave forever. As you can see, you can't teach that stupid tiefling a lesson for flirting with your girl...

NPC Interaction:

Aerie vs. Minsc [ToB]

Aerie asks Minsc to tell her more about his homeland. He mentions how far away it is (Boo had been counting his steps, but unfortunately forgot the final result). Minsc also explains how great his homeland is, possibly that it could only be better if all the rangers had a hamster of their own. "Everyone at the berserker lodge with their own hamster! Think of the implications..." (Yikes!). Aerie tries to get some details, asking about the witches, to which Minsc replies that he doesn't think the witches need hamsters as well. Dynaheir used to glare very sternly at Boo.

Aerie vs. Nalia [ToB]

Aerie asked Nalia why she was being so quiet. Nalia asked what she was talking about. Aerie replied that Nalia used to care more about the world; after all, she had left her place among the landed aristocracy to crusade on behalf of the downtrodden--truly an upper-class idealist/activist (kind of like Logan from Dark Angel). Nalia said that since she had become a powerful archmage (level 22 at the time), her perspectives had changed and that she had seen more of the world than the spoiled child who ran away from home when we met her, leaving her much to think about.

Aerie vs. Imoen [ToB]

While resting at the Tankard Tree in Saradush, Aerie asks if Imoen is concerned that she will turn into the Slayer. Imoen says that she has heard the "inner voices" commanding her to be true to her nature, but so far, she has resisted them. Except that once, when she stole an entire bag of ginger cookies.

Aerie vs. Korgan

I had Aerie and Korgan from the beginning of the game, the first time I set foot in the Copper Coronet. Korgan picks on Aerie throughout our adventuring, saying new things and taunting her from time to time, until, during my game on day 19, Korgan goes too far. Aerie has had it and gives my party exactly one day to get rid of Korgan or else she bolts. On Day 20, even though I questioned whether she really would, exactly one day later, Korgan himself mentioned that Aerie hasn't left and it had been a day. Aerie says fine and you never see her again the rest of the game.

Fortunately I had an autosave right before the event, so reloaded it and tried MANY things to prevent this from happening. I took Korgan out of the party right before the event, waited for 5 game hours and put him back in (greedy wanted another 500gp). Within 5 minutes he mentioned to Aerie that her day was up and he was still there. I also tried taking Aerie out, doing the same thing, then putting her back in. Same conclusion when I put her back. The two do not seem to work together. That really irked me, as I had the mindset of making her last throughout. So I picked back up Jaheira. Aerie had about 600-700k experience by this time, not all that much but still enough to be somewhat painful. Lesson? Don't plan on having Aerie and Korgan together the whole game.

Aerie vs. Mazzy

Sometime into my game, Mazzy began talking to Aerie about the widespread corruption and how to remain true. Aerie seemed a little in awe of Mazzy. Sometime later, when entering a temple Mazzy commented how high it was and how she's like to fly on a white griffon as a paladin with Aerie flying as a squire beside. Aerie replied (rather sadly) that her wings were gone, but Mazzy reminded her she could always dream, especially where the gods were listening (a temple). Mazzy seems to have a "big sister" attitude towards Aerie and the two are good friends.

Aerie vs. Minsc

Minsc, who is upset at losing Dynaheir (so was I, but that's another story) decides that he needs a new witch to protect. If Aerie is in your party, Minsc turns to her, asking if she needs the protection. She accepts his offer, at which point Minsc yells out "Beware Evil! Minsc has a new witch to protect!" or something along those lines. A typical Minsc blurt.

After Aerie has accepted his protection, if she is wounded in combat (down to about 25% HP or so) Minsc says "I must protect my witch!" He doesn't automatically charge over to defend her... it's just a reminder to let the player know that "Hey, Aerie is getting whomped on!" Keep in mind that after Minsc has made Aerie his witch, if she is killed in combat Minsc will go into a berserker rage.