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Starting Equipment: Delryn Family Shield

Slums (Copper Coronet)

How To Acquire: Anomen will offer to join your party by just initiating conversation with him. He's in the first room in the NE corner.

PC Romance: Here's the info I remember from my game with the Anomen Romance. He brags on and on and on about his feats and accomplishments, though he gave me plenty of opportunity to reponsed in kind. I didn't, instead keeping a humble attitude. Eventually, (can't remember when) he stopped bragging so much. One of the quests involving him were to meet his father (his sister died). His father encouraged him to go after and kill the father's archrival, saying that the archrival killed Anomen's sister. (The father's a hopeless drunk). Anomen repeated asked my opinion about it (3 or 4 times, I think), to which I always suggested the lawful way-go to the authorities, not be a vigilanty. The culmination of this was his knighthood(?) trials at the Order of the Most Radiant Heart-he passed, apparently because I hadn't led him astray.

When I went to get the elven lantern from Bohdi, she kidnapped Anomen and turned him into a vampire (don't know if this happens with other male romantic interests, it didn't happen with Jaheria, though I might not have been as far along with her at the time). Killing Bodhi (and Anomen) initiates the 'reverse vampirism quest'. All you gotta do is grab Anomen's body and Bodhi's black heart and go to the Temple in the Umar hills. Go to the woman statue in Level 2 of the Temple Ruins, above where you have marked '7'. Place Anomen's body and Bodhi's heart into it. He'll ask (IIRC) to rejoin and if you can still accept him after he had become a vampire.

Another submission reports that after Anomen became Sir Anomen, and he and my protagonist paladin did the dirty deed and swore our undying love all over the place, Anomen received a letter that his father had been killed by Saerk. Apparently, new information had come to light that Saerk was, in fact, the one who had Anomen's sister killed. Anomen's father tried for revenge and was killed. Anomen went a little bit crazy, and blamed me. I protested that it was all well intentioned, and he forgave me, but left the group to go kill Saerk and to hell with this Lawful stuff. So the group headed to Saerk's place in the Bridge District, where we find Anomen has killed all the guards. (Wish he could fight that well when he was in the party.) When he saw us there, he asked what we wanted, and I told him that he was going to end up like his father if he did this. He asked how he could carry on if he let Saerk live, and I told him that I loved him and we'd get through it together blah blah blah. He finally relented, and left Saerk for the militia. There's a few gems and potions around Saerk's place, and some low level eq, like +1 swords and flails. However if you go downstairs there are servants and such who will attack you, which doesn't do nice things to your reputation when you paste them.

NPC Interaction:

Anomen vs. Keldorn

Anomen gets incredibly interesting if you have Keldorn in your party. Initially, Keldorn tries to offer advice to Anomen on how to succeed in becoming a knight, Keldorn being the old, wizened veteran of the Order. Anomen rebuffs him in his usual arrogant manner (he's REALLY annoying if you're a male).

Anyway, I screwed up Anomen's quest and he killed the guy instead of reporting him to the city. As a result, when his test for entrance into the Order happened, he failed and became Chaotic Neutral. Now, all of this happened before I took off to find Imoen (I finished all quests on the mainland before heading out, save for the shadow dragon). As soon as we landed in Brynnlaw, Anomen went insane, forcing a fight with Keldorn.

Both removed themselves from my party, and Keldorn did nothing to defend himself. At this juncture, I had Jaheira and myself (cleric/mage) as backup clerics, but I wanted a single-classed cleric. Anomen kept pounding on Keldorn, who did nothing to defend himself.

Suffice it to say, I preferred having Keldorn and that wonderful Holy Avenger, so I reloaded, dumped Anomen, and picked up Viconia.

And if Anomen IS successfully knighted, the two of them would end with a discussion whereby Keldorn commends Anomen on his knighthood and Anomen humbly apologizing to Keldorn for his past behavior. Naturally, things will be peaceful from then on.

Anomen vs. Jan

These two bicker *constantly*. Jan takes it all in stride, but whenever he insults Anomen, the wannabe-knight threatens to skewer him and so forth. Neither has left my party yet, but if one were to leave, it would likely be Anomen. Jan seems to take great joy in taunting the man by telling stories that are not-so-subtly veiled as being about Anomen, and Anomen's threats never ruffle him.

At some point (for me it was during the Bridge District murders quest), Anomen brags about having killed 21 giants, in response to which Jan launches into a hilarious (and long) tale about Ano the Dung Orc and his quest to find bull dung with which to stuff his mattress. I won't spoil it by trying to write it out here, but watch for it...

Anomen vs. Yoshimo

At one point, Yoshimo will ask Anomen about his accomplishment and Anomen will brag about him killing a demon by climbing onto the demon's back, injuring it with his spear and saving his group... They seem to get along well, since both were neutral from the start. Yoshimo reacts by praising Anomen and boasting Anomen's huge ego...