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Starting Equipment: Jansen AdventureWear, Jansen Spectroscopes, Jansen Techno-Gloves, Flasher Launcher, Flasher Master Bruiser Mate

Location: Government District

How To Acquire: Jan will try to sell you some goods and will be confronted by the local authorities for tax evasion. If you help Jan out of this mess, he'll join up if you want him.

PC Romance: None

NPC Interaction:

Jan vs. Anomen

These two bicker *constantly*. Jan takes it all in stride, but whenever he insults Anomen, the wannabe-knight threatens to skewer him and so forth. Neither has left my party yet, but if one were to leave, it would likely be Anomen. Jan seems to take great joy in taunting the man by telling stories that are not-so-subtly veiled as being about Anomen, and Anomen's threats never ruffle him.

At some point (for me it was during the Bridge District murders quest), Anomen brags about having killed 21 giants, in response to which Jan launches into a hilarious (and long) tale about Ano the Dung Orc and his quest to find bull dung with which to stuff his mattress. I won't spoil it by trying to write it out here, but watch for it...

Jan vs. Keldorn

Jan refers to Keldorn as "Keldy" repeatedly, after being asked not to. Keldorn gets annoyed. Jan then starts singing a song about Keldorn's mother and a Flesh golem. Keldorn close to violence.

Jan vs. Minsc

Jan mentions a dream he had last night, where he and Minsc swapped bodies... he was running around shouting for rangers and evil everywhere, rejoice! and Minsc was talking about turnips. While Minsc was still thinking about this, Jan suddenly started screaming about how evil would get its little buttock kicked. He then asked for Boo to be returned to him, and Minsc realized it was a trick (and threatened to clobber Jan if he tried it again.)

Jan vs. Minsc #2

If you have both Jan and Minsc in the party, Jan will try to steal Boo from Minsc. Apparently, Boo likes Jan too. Minsc goes crazy every time Jan tries this.

At one stage, Jan came up with an "I'm dying" routine to get Minsc to lend him Boo. Once Boo is with him, Jan cracks up and Minsc goes completely crazy and starts to threaten him.