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Starting Equipment: Bow of Arvoreen, Sword of Arvoreen

Location: Temple Ruins (Shade Lord's Dungeon)

How To Acquire: After killing the Shadow Jailer on the first level of the Shade Lord's dungeon, you'll find a key to Mazzy's cell. Release her and she'll join up.

PC Romance: None

NPC Interaction:

Mazzy vs. Edwin

Some time during the game, out of the blue, Edwin tells Mazzy that for a short person she is rather attractive. He slyly points out that there is "extra room in his bedrolls"... ahem ... but Mazzy gives him the cold shoulder. Later on, Mazzy scolds Edwin for being reckless with his magic and even goes as far as threatening to kill him if he harms any of her comrades. Edwin merely mutters sarcastically that his kneecaps are in some danger.

Mazzy vs. Aerie

Some time into my game, Mazzy began talking to Aerie about the widespread corruption and how to remain true. Aerie seemed a little in awe of Mazzy. Some time later, when entering a temple Mazzy commented how high it was and how she's like to fly on a white griffon as a paladin with Aerie flying as a squire beside. Aerie replied (rather sadly) that her wings were gone, but Mazzy reminded her she could always dream, especially where the gods were listening (a temple). Mazzy seems to have a "big sister" attitude towards Aerie and the two are good friends.

Mazzy vs. Jaheira

Just as Jaheira was giving to my PC her "omnipresent authority figure" line, Mazzy stepped in and suggested her to adopt a less sarcastic tone towards my PC, considering how good my PC was at handling its various responsibilities as leader of the group (!). Jaheira replied that her relationship with my PC went back a long time ago, long before Mazzy joined the group, but promised to make an effort.

Mazzy vs. Minsc

Minsc will, at several times, express his admiration for Mazzy's warrior spirit and noble heart. Mazzy initially fobs it off, suspecting hidden cynicism because she finds it overly praising, but eventually she believes he's honest in his feelings (he's too dumb to mean otherwise) and thanks him.

Mazzy vs. Valygar

Mazzy determines that as a knight she should have a squire and that Valygar would meet this role admirably. Valygar attempts to resist this status change, but Mazzy simply ignores his protests and he eventually caves in.