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Starting Equipment: Corthala Family Armor, Corthala Family Blade

Location: Umar Hills

How To Acquire: Valygar will offer to join if you agree to travel to the Planar Sphere in the Athkatla Slums with him.

PC Romance: None

NPC Interaction:

Valygar vs. Edwin

At one stage (randomly but surely) Valygar will confront Edwin about his powerful spell casting, Edwin's ego takes over and he goes on about his mastery of the cleansing power of fire. Later Valygar will warn him to be humbler in the future, Edwin threatens him and the dialogue quickly escalates into a fight to the death.

Valygar vs. Mazzy

Mazzy determines that as a knight she should have a squire and that Valygar would meet this role admirably. Valygar attempts to resist this status change, but Mazzy simply ignores his protests and he eventually caves in.

Valygar vs. Minsc

At one point Valygar voices his concerns about Minsc being such a powerful fighter but not fully in charge of his faculties, Minsc responds by saying that he has been seen by the best and the worst and that Minsc is Minsc is Minsc and grows tired of the conversation and that they should continue on.

Valygar vs. Viconia

I had them both in my party for a while and they seemed quite unfriendly. I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere yet, but I suspect they'll finally have a go at each other. This is quite clearly demonstrated in the Government District. Outside the Firecam Estate there is a lady named Oriana or something by a fountain. I talked to her and she offered Valygar her services. Valygar said something about saving that for another time, and suddenly Viconia stepped into the conversation. She said that Valygar didn't seem attracted to women and that he probably liked ghouls better and then dared him to show her how to take a woman. Valygar became angry and they both left my party to do battle. I think something similar will happen sooner or later even if you don't talk to Oriana.