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(SIR-nd) Cernd (neutral, human male, shapeshifter) is a high-ranking druid from a grove to the south of Amn, in the land of Tethyr. Older and experienced, as well as careful in both thought and deed, Cernd has often been called on to perform missions on behalf of his grove. And it is without question that he would place his own life on the line if it would serve the greater balance. Rumours abound of trouble in the druid grove within Amn, near the town of Trademeet, and Cernd has been sent from his own grove to investigate the matter.

Starting Equipment: Cloak of the High Forest, Staff of the High Forest

Location: Trademeet (Basement of Mayor's home)

How To Acquire: You must ask permission from Logan to escort Cernd to the druid grove.

PC Romance: None

NPC Interaction:

Cernd vs. Viconia

If you have these two in your party, it is only a matter of time before the drow starts hurling treehugger insults at Viconia. Unlike other NPCs though, Cernd doesn't seem to get overly upset at this. In fact, he almost seems to pity the drow by pointing out that by worshipping Shar she is following the path of entropy and revenge, giving her little to live for.