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Starting Equipment: Edwin's Amulet

Location: Shadow Thieves' Guild (3rd Floor)

How To Acquire: You must perform a couple quests for Edwin before he will offer to join your party. First, you'll have to kill Rayic Gethras in the Docks District. Secondly, you'll have to get some documents from a man named Marcus in the Sea's Bounty Tavern. You can coerce him to hand them over, bribe him, or kill him. After returning the documents, Edwin will offer to join and help to reveal Mae'Var's treachery.

PC Romance: None

NPC Interaction:

Edwin vs. Valygar

At one stage (randomly but surely) Valygar will confront Edwin about his powerful spell casting, Edwin's ego takes over and he goes on about his mastery of the cleansing power of fire. Later Valygar will warn him to be humbler in the future, Edwin threatens him and the dialogue quickly escalates into a fight to the death.

Edwin vs. Keldorn

When I was in the Underdark, right after I replaced the Silver Dragon Eggs with Phaere's, Edwin and Keldorn started verbally insulting each other. I believe Edwin started it saying something like," Stay away from me" or some other degrading comment or other. Keldorn didn't like that so they exchanged a few insults and then to my surprise they dropped from my party and started battling. I had never experienced any trouble between them before. I didn't want to lose either of them, but If I had to choose I would kick Keldorn out. I reloaded the game to retrieve all the nice equipment Keldorn had and waited for them to fight again but they never did.

Edwin vs. Minsc

Edwin constantly insults Minsc, their mutual hatred for each other apparent when you meet up with the Red Wizard in Mae'var's Guild. Throughout my game, the mage poked fun at Boo when he wasn't hurling insults at the Ranger outright. Eventually, Edwin goes to far, speaking ill of Dynaheir and blaming her death on Minsc's "ineptitude". When Minsc asks Edwin to take back his words, the mage of course refuses, and they both break away from your party to battle to the death.