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Starting Equipment: Firecam Full Plate Armor, Hallowed Redeemer

Location: Athkatla Sewers

How To Acquire: After accepting the Cult of the Unseeing Eye quest in the Temple District, you'll meet up with Keldorn down in the sewers.

PC Romance: Submit this info!

NPC Interaction:

Keldorn vs. Anomen

Anomen gets incredibly interesting if you have Keldorn in your party. Initially, Keldorn tries to offer advice to Anomen on how to succeed in becoming a knight, Keldorn being the old, wizened veteran of the Order. Anomen rebuffs him in his usual arrogant manner (he's REALLY annoying if you're a male).

Anyway, I screwed up Anomen's quest and he killed the guy instead of reporting him to the city. As a result, when his test for entrance into the Order happened, he failed and became Chaotic Neutral. Now, all of this happened before I took off to find Imoen (I finished all quests on the mainland before heading out, save for the shadow dragon). As soon as we landed in Brynnlaw, Anomen went insane, forcing a fight with Keldorn.

Both removed themselves from my party, and Keldorn did nothing to defend himself. At this juncture, I had Jaheira and myself (cleric/mage) as backup clerics, but I wanted a single-classed cleric. Anomen kept pounding on Keldorn, who did nothing to defend himself.

Suffice it to say, I preferred having Keldorn and that wonderful Holy Avenger, so I reloaded, dumped Anomen, and picked up Viconia.

And if Anomen *is* successfully knighted, the two of them would end with a discussion whereby Keldorn commends Anomen on his knighthood and Anomen humbly apologizing to Keldorn for his past behavior. Naturally, things will be peaceful from then on.

Keldorn vs. Imoen [ToB]

At one point while wandering in the wilderness Keldorn catches Imoen rifling through his things. He gets extremely stern about it and Imoen only stammers responses so I was worried it might actually become serious. Suddenly Imoen comes out and confesses that she just took any excuse to run her hands over his muscular body. Now its Keldorn's turn to stammer as Imoen goes on to confess at length that his presence drives her wild. Keldorn replies that he "had no idea that he had such an effect on her", after which Imoen finally breaks down with the giggles and returns his ring, promising not to take it again.

Keldorn vs. Minsc

When Minsc finishes his berserker rage while Keldorn is present, Keldorn will help Minsc calm down, and will explain to Minsc that need for self-control in order to sneak up on evil and vanquish it. Minsc says he understands, but he prefers that evil should hear him coming and know there is nothing it can do to stop him kicking it's buttock

Keldorn vs. Viconia

I had both Viconia and Keldorn in my party because she's a damn good cleric and he's a damn good paladin (Carsomyr rules). They had a slight quarrel with each other, nothing serious it seemed. They threw mild insults at each other a few times and all of a sudden, quite surprisingly, Keldorn tells Viconia that if she's not gone in a day, he'll spit her on his sword. After a day he told her it was foolish of her to stay, and both left my party and started to do battle (which ended quite quickly in Keldorn's favor, once again: Carsomyr rocks). Conclusion: Viconia and Keldorn do *not* work in a party.