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Starting Equipment: Imoen's Belt

Location: Irenicus Prison Level One

How To Acquire: Imoen is responsible for releasing you from your cage, she'll join you at the very beginning of the game.

PC Romance: None

NPC Interaction:

Imoen vs. Aerie [ToB]

While resting at the Tankard Tree in Saradush, Aerie asks if Imoen is concerned that she will turn into the Slayer. Imoen says that she has heard the "inner voices" commanding her to be true to her nature, but so far, she has resisted them. Except that once, when she stole an entire bag of ginger cookies.

Imoen vs. Minsc [ToB]

While in Watcher's Keep in chapter 8, Imoen announced to Minsc that she would also like a hamster. Minsc says that that is a great idea but that Boo is not for sale. Imoen explains that she wants her own hamster sometime after all the adventuring is done.

Imoen vs. Sarevok [ToB]

At some point Sarevok may happen to die in combat. Upon his resurrection Imoen will immediately taunt Sarevok's weakness in battle, asking repeatedly what it feels like to die for a SECOND time. Sarevok grows angry and blows off the conversation, saying that Imoen most likely kept temples in business with the amount of money the PC dumped to revive her so many times.

Imoen vs. Sarevok #2 [ToB]

This assumes that you allowed Imoen to give a piece of her soul to bring Sarevok back to life. About half-way through Saradush, Imoen asks Sarevok how he feels, having a piece of her soul inside him. He replies that apart from a newfound obsession with his weight and concern about his clothing, he doesn't feel anything in particular. Imoen pushes more seriously, and Sarevok admits (somewhat maliciously) that he can feel the pain of the tortures that Imoen experienced at Irenicus' hands. Imoen tries to tell Sarevok to stop, but he continues to taunt her, finally saying that he hopes that she won't just lie down and die when the other Bhaalspawn come to kill her.