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Starting Equipment: Boo

Location: Irenicus Prison Level One

How To Acquire: Minsc is locked up in a cell in the initial room that you start the game.

PC Romance: None

NPC Interaction:

Minsc vs. Aerie

Minsc, who is upset at losing Dynaheir (so was I, but that's another story) decides that he needs a new witch to protect. If Aerie is in your party, Minsc turns to her, asking if she needs the protection. She accepts his offer, at which point Minsc yells out "Beware Evil! Minsc has a new witch to protect!" or something along those lines. A typical Minsc blurt.

After Aerie has accepted his protection, if she is wounded in combat (down to about 25% HP or so) Minsc says "I must protect my witch!" He doesn't automatically charge over to defend her... it's just a reminder to let the player know that "Hey, Aerie is getting whomped on!"

Keep in mind that after Minsc has made Aerie his witch, if she is killed in combat Minsc will go into a berserker rage.

Minsc vs. Aerie [ToB]

At a point during the travels, Minsc tells Aerie that Boo has a question for her, one that he has been mulling over in his little hamster head for ages. Aerie replies that if Boo has a question for her, he should feel free to ask. He wonders why Aerie has not been performing her duties as their witch. She was obviously not aware that there are duties involved, so he goes on to explain that she ought to have been providing some instructions on the use of herbs and the like. It turns out that Boo had been frolicking in a certain kind of bush and couldn't concentrate on planting the boot of justice in the backside of evil what with his own backside itching...

Minsc vs. Edwin

Edwin constantly insults Minsc, their mutual hatred for each other apparent when you meet up with the Red Wizard in Mae'var's Guild. Throughout my game, the mage poked fun at Boo when he wasn't hurling insults at the Ranger outright. Eventually, Edwin goes to far, speaking ill of Dynaheir and blaming her death on Minsc's "ineptitude". When Minsc asks Edwin to take back his words, the mage of course refuses, and they both break away from your party to battle to the death.

Minsc vs. Imoen [ToB]

While in Watcher's Keep in chapter 8, Imoen announced to Minsc that she would also like a hamster. Minsc says that that is a great idea but that Boo is not for sale. Imoen explains that she wants her own hamster sometime after all the adventuring is done.

Minsc vs. Jaheira

At one point, out in a forest, Minsc tells Boo to play with the squirrels. Jaheira comments on how she finds it hard to understand how Minsc ever became a ranger and uses a word Minsc doesn't understand. He then makes a comment about how he will stop anyone from stealing the squirrel's nuts, and Jaheira, perhaps realizing that heart is more important than brain, tells him he's doing good work and to keep it up.

Minsc vs. Jan

If you have both Jan and Minsc in the party, Jan will try to steal Boo from Minsc. Apparently, Boo likes Jan too. Minsc goes crazy every time Jan tries this.

At one stage, Jan came up with an "I'm dying" routine to get Minsc to lend him Boo. Once Boo is with him, Jan cracks up and Minsc goes completely crazy and starts to threaten him.

Minsc vs. Mazzy
Minsc will, at several times, express his admiration for Mazzy's warrior spirit and noble heart. Mazzy initially fobs it off, suspecting hidden cynicism because she finds it overly praising, but eventually she believes he's honest in his feelings (he's too dumb to mean otherwise) and thanks him.

Minsc vs. Nalia
Upset at losing Dyanheir, Minsc will probably seek a new witch in BG2. This depends on who you have on your party. Much like the relationship that may develop between Minsc and Aerie, Minsc will also offer his protection to Nalia. If Nalia accepts, and her HP get low in combat, he will shout out "I must protect my witch!" A nice indicator to gulp down a few healing potions. Other than that, there is no clear advantage/disadvantage to accepting the offer, as his protection is not of the romance type (Boo has Minsc's heart, after all).

Minsc vs. Sarevok [ToB]

Minsc tries to find out if he is the *real* Sarevok since he is not the "I-am-to-be-a-god" unholy butt that he once was. Sarevok then says dying has that effect and that the main character now directs his wrath. Minsc wraps it up by saying as long as your boot kicks the butt of those that I kick the butt of, you are good, though I still don't think you're the real Sarevok.