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Starting Equipment: Chaos Blade, Entropy

Location: Mekrath's Tower (In the Athkatla Sewers)

How To Acquire: You can either kill Mekrath outright -OR- travel into the sewers for him and retrieve a mirror from a thieving Imp. After either of these options, you will be able to have Haer'Dalis join your party.

PC Romance: If you're romancing Aerie, and Haer'Dalis joins your team, it will heat up. Haer'Dalis begins flirting with Aerie, but Aerie continues her romance with you. At one point in time ... Aerie forces you to tell her you love her or the romance is over. If you say you love her, she feels guilty about loving you and Haer'Dalis both at the same time. Haer'Dalis steps up to you and tells you to step out of the way ... if you refuse, sometime later, Haer'Dalis loses his cool and challenges you to a duel. Aerie will step in to stop the fight. Eventually you will have 3 choices. If you maintain your cool and don't whack that idiotic tiefling, Aerie chooses you and Haer'Dalis leaves. If you attempt to fight him, Aeire chooses him. If you are a gentlemen after Aerie chooses him and give them your blessings, they stay. If you get angry with them, both Aerie and Haer'Dalis leave forever. As you can see, you can't teach that stupid tiefling a lesson for flirting with your girl...

NPC Interaction:

Haer'Dalis vs. Yoshimo

At one point in the game, Yoshimo, with his usual happy demeanor, asks Haer'Dalis' about his experiences abroad. Haer'Dalis' quickly rebuffs him and basically states that Yoshimo should give up the phony "nice" act since he knows that Yoshimo is hiding something beneath that smiling face of his. Haer'Dalis' states that he, too, has conned many a person in his day, and can tell that Yoshimo is up to no good. Yoshimo states surprise at this, and nervously brushes off the conversation.