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Starting Equipment: None

Location: Slums (Copper Coronet)

How To Acquire: You'll find Korgan in the main room of the Copper Coronet, where he will ask for help in recovering the Book of Kaza.

PC Romance: None

NPC Interaction:

Korgan vs. Aerie

I had Aerie and Korgan from the beginning of the game, the first time I set foot in the Copper Coronet. Korgan picks on Aerie throughout our adventuring, saying new things and taunting her from time to time, until, during my game on day 19, Korgan goes too far. Aerie has had it and gives my party exactly one day to get rid of Korgan or else she bolts. On Day 20, even though I questioned whether she really would, exactly one day later, Korgan himself mentioned that Aerie hasn't left and it had been a day. Aerie says fine and you never see her again the rest of the game. Fortunately I had an autosave right before the event, so reloaded it and tried MANY things to prevent this from happening. I took Korgan out of the party right before the event, waited for 5 game hours and put him back in (greedy wanted another 500gp). Within 5 minutes he mentioned to Aerie that her day was up and he was still there. I also tried taking Aerie out, doing the same thing, then putting her back in. Same conclusion when I put her back. The two do not seem to work together. That really pissed me off. I had the mindset of making her last throughout. So I picked back up Jaheira. Aerie had about 600-700k experience by this time, not all that much but still enough to be somewhat painful. Lesson? Don't plan on having Aerie and Korgan together the whole game.