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Starting Equipment: D'Arnisse Signet Ring

Location: Slums (Copper Coronet)

How To Acquire: You'll be approached by Nalia in the main room of the Copper Coronet. She is looking for help to stop her family's keep from being invaded by trolls.

PC Romance: None

NPC Interaction:

Nalia vs. Aerie [ToB]

Aerie and Nalia have also had a couple of conversations since beginning Throne of Bhaal. Nalia asked Aerie if she would ever return to the avariel. Aerie said that she would never be accepted among the winged elves since she had been clipped. Nalia told her that she was a powerful mage and cleric in her own right and that she could command their respect. Aerie replied that it just wouldn't feel right and that her place was on the ground.

Nalia vs. Minsc

Upset at losing Dyanheir, Minsc will probably seek a new witch in BG2. This depends on who you have on your party. Much like the relationship that may develop between Minsc and Aerie, Minsc will also offer his protection to Nalia. If Nalia accepts, and her HP get low in combat, he will shout out "I must protect my witch!" A nice indicator to gulp down a few healing potions. Other than that, there is no clear advantage/disadvantage to accepting the offer, as his protection is not of the romance type (Boo has Minsc's heart, after all).

Nalia vs. Yoshimo

This will happen when you have Yoshimo and Nalia in your party, and you are in a dungeon or building with traps. The first time I played the game I got it in the Umar Hills, the second time I played the game I got it in Nalia's Keep.

Yoshimo will start the dialog by saying "Young lovely, you must be wary, here... any traps we encounter, it is up to us to find and disarm them before they bring harm to the rest of the party." Nalia responds with, "I think that goes without saying." Yoshimo presses with, "But I have seen many traps intricate enough to fool even the most able. I remember one I encountered long ago ... it worked as a pressure plate via springs set into wood. To disarm it, you needed to pull the wood back just enough to slip a dagger between the plate and the springs. It required finesse and patience, my young one." Nalia snaps back, "If I had wanted your tutelage, surely I would have asked for it." Yoshimo backs off and says, "I cannot bear to have you angry with me. I just do not want to see you hurt. A friend can do no less." Nalia finally admits she is scared by saying, "I know Yoshimo, I'm not angry with you, really . . . I'm just nervous. I would feel very guilty if I set off a trap by accident." Yoshimo soothes her by saying, "You won't Nalia... I have confidence in you!" Nalia responds with, "I will try not to disappoint."