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Starting Equipment: None

Irenicus Prison Level One

How To Acquire: Jaheira is locked up in a cell in the initial room that you start the game.

PC Romance: The Jaheira romance has been called the hardest in the game by the development team, and indeed it is quite challenging. It usually takes a long time for the dialogues to trigger, and a lot of them are tied to specific in-game events. Contrary to what has been said on the GameBanshee forums, these dialogues DO sometimes come up in dungeon settings. However, most of the triggers for Jaheira's dialogues are keyed to being outdoors, and possibly to the "Rest Until Healed" option of the game. Several are also keyed to specific quests, which will be discussed later.

The earliest Jaheira romance dialogues are primarily her mourning the loss of Khalid (her husband in BG1, found dead in Irenicus's prison). Be sympathetic at this point, but also try to remind her that there are other things to live for. Eventually they will begin to shift away from Khalid and into other realms of conversation. If I recall correctly, the conversations next shift to discussions of the adventuring life. She'll ask about how you enjoy it, how you feel about battle, and so on. Answer as you feel appropriate, but try to take the balanced paths-she's a druid after all.

Rather than try to coax you through the dialogue like Cyrano, I'll let you figure out the right answers for the most part and take you through the quests: You'll need to do the Jaheira Curse quest (see the walkthrough on this site), and buy her a locket from the fat merchant in the Docks near the temple of Oghma. She'll protest, but shush her and tell her to take it. She'll grumble, but take it and thank you. Then you'll want to do Xzar's quest to get Monty's body from the Harpers, which will trigger the Harper Quests detailed elsewhere on this site.

Important Note: The timer for the Harper Quests is based on game time (x number of days between events), but the timer for the romance dialogues is based on REAL time. Thus, it is possible to rest for several game days in a few minutes of real time. Do not do this! Several of Jaheira's romance dialogues can only be triggered by events in the quest, and they will not occur out-of-sequence. In other words, if you haven't gotten through the dialogue immediately preceding the one triggered by a Harper event BEFORE the event occurs, the romance will hang. If your in doubt as to whether you've gotten all the timed dialogues, start B2, pause it, and leave it for a few hours, and you'll get one.

As the Harper quests proceed, Jaheira will begin to question her role and her beliefs as a Harper. Support her, but emphasize that she was in the right and has not truly betrayed her calling. If she starts to get too depressed, crack a joke to lighten her mood. Eventually she should admit her feelings for you and ask you to lie with her. And when you wake up, she'll be VERY chipper. Good luck with Jaheira!

NPC Interaction:

Jaheira vs. Mazzy

Just as Jaheira was giving to my PC her "omnipresent authority figure" line, Mazzy stepped in and suggested her to adopt a less sarcastic tone towards my PC, considering how good my PC was at handling its various responsibilities as leader of the group (!). Jaheira replied that her relationship with my PC went back a long time ago, long before Mazzy joined the group, but promised to make an effort.

Jaheira vs. Minsc

At one point, out in a forest, Minsc tells Boo to play with the squirrels. Jaheira comments on how she finds it hard to understand how Minsc ever became a ranger and uses a word Minsc doesn't understand. He then makes a comment about how he will stop anyone from stealing the squirrel's nuts, and Jaheira, perhaps realizing that heart is more important than brain, tells him he's doing good work and to keep it up.