Dossier: Sis
  Name: Sis

Age: Unknown (appears to be in her late teens to early 20's)

Nationality: Unknown

Occupation: G22 Agent


Most of the existing information on Codename "Sis" comes from Interpol records, ones that were isolated when a computer virus attacked their servers in 2006 and erased almost three years of evidence compiled on G22.

Sis relies on two revolvers as her favored weapons. While she is a marksman with both, she frequently needs to reload in order to keep using the weapons -- assuming her first few shots do not take out a target, it is recommended that agents take advantage of the pistol's reload to subdue her.

Footage of Sis's fighting style has been captured by Interpol after an unsuccesful attempt to apprehend her in a train station in the Ukraine. Believing the G22 agent to be unarmed, Interpol attempted to subdue her, but discovered they were unable to get close enough to Sis to land a strike -- her small size and agility allowed her an incredible advantage at the station to avoid apprehension and escape easily.

Sis' locket is more than just a childhood memento, it's her only way of expressing her current place in the world... and her fear of what it holds in store for her, Albatross, and G22. The fact she relinquished the locket shows considerable trust.

Secret Fact: Sis formerly carried a locket with the depiction of St. George upon it. The significance of the locket is something of a mystery, as to whether it's a memento or whether it is something of special significance to Sis.

Intel Locations (4+1):
  • Moscow (Assault Lazo's Yacht and Retrieve Data) -- Gained when you first meet Sis.
  • Taipei (Investigate Warehouse District Data Trail) -- Received from clipboard near network hub.
  • Moscow (Safehouse) -- Purchased from the clearinghouse.
  • Moscow (Contact Albatross) -- Gained if you take the "locket" dialogue option.
  • Moscow (Contact Albatross) -- [Secret Fact] Gained if you take the "Sis" dialogue option.