Dossier: Halbech
  Name: Halbech Corporation

Origin: United States

Founded: 1907

Organization: Defense Contractor


Halbech was founded in 1907 as Stout Construction Services -- a minor engineering company. The company was acquired by Robert Halbech in 1927, who turned the company's focus to defense shortly before the second World War. Halbech's numerous contacts within the War Department netted the company numerous contracts to manufacture airstrips and shipyards, and provided vast funds into researching and improving a number of weapons and defensive systems.

Profits have slowed for the company since the cessation of the Cold War and the small-scale military strikes of the 1980s and early 1990s, leading to the recent downsizing and closing of multiple offices worldwide. Although the controlling interest is held by CEO Henry Leland and the Board of Directors, the directors have been showing concern in regards to the company's future, despite reassurances by Leland that Halbech is merely going through a restructuring period.

Halbech is determined that the sale of their missiles to extremist groups not become public knowledge. Exactly how long the company has been engaged in selling weapons on the black market is unknown, but the company clearly has broader ambitions than selling weapons to fuel current global tensions... they intend to manipulate world events to affect the global climate, spark guerilla actions, and reinvigorate a cold war between China and the United States. The extent of these plans is unknown, but these events could have disastrous consequences for the world's political stability.

Intel Locations (3):
  • Graybox (Graybox) -- Gained from Westridge during your first mission briefing.
  • Saudi Arabia (Investigate Jizan Weapon Stockpile) -- Found in briefcase in detention cell.
  • Taipei (Retrieve NSB Data from Grand Hotel) -- Gained from hacking Halbech rep's laptop.