Dossier: NSB
  Name: NSB

Origin: Taiwan

Founded: 1955

Organization: Military Intelligence


The NSB serves as the chief operational arm of the Taiwanese intelligence services. Founded in 1955 by President Chiang Kai-shek, the NSB oversees intelligence gathering both foreign and domestic, Presidential security, military security, and related fields. In its early days, the organization was referred to as the "Taiwanese KGB" due to its mysterious and fearsome reputation.

In addition to their intelligence-gathering duties, the NSB also oversees Presidential security and, by extension, security for visits by foreign dignitaries. Agents assigned to security details are typically lightly-armed, carrying standard-issue pistols and wearing light tactical vests, but they maintain a high level of inter-squad communication. Often, each group of NSB agents has two members equipped with radios, making a surprise takedown an exercise in speed and precision.

Intel Locations (2):
  • Taipei (Contact Steven Heck) -- Gained during your conversation with Steven Heck.
  • Taipei (Retrieve NSB Data from Grand Hotel) -- Gained from hacking computer.