Dossier: Omen
  Name: Omen Deng

Age: 27

Nationality: Taiwanese

Occupation: Chinese Secret Police


Omen Deng is almost like a boogeyman of the intelligence community, and he is feared among the underground. Those who mention his name often in Taipei invariably encounter him; he always knows when an enemy agent is active in his territory. Many either refuse to speak about him after meeting him or are never seen again. He shows little emotion, or sometimes the opposite emotion of his actual mood.

Deng's true name, translated, means something close to "Division Hand" in English. His father requested this name for his son before he was jailed as an enemy of the People's Republic of China and never seen by his family again. Deng's father belonged to a covert Taiwanese independence sect called the True Heirs, so named for their belief that Taiwan, not mainland China, was the true inheritor of Chinese culture and tradition. He was also a bodyguard (and personal messenger) for Ronald Sung for many years, and Sung did not forget his employee's loyalty and took care of the family after his imprisonment. Sung was a distant patron at best, but he ensured that Deng and his mother were comfortable.

Through his father's friends and fellow secessionists, who still looked after the family, Omen became aware of a splinter group of the True Heirs known as the "Nine Omens" (in Chinese). Deng went to the Chinese authorities and persuaded them that, with his help, he could track down the group responsible and that his experience with the underground could prove invaluable. The Chinese agreed, and Deng was unofficially enlisted in their employ. Deng led the Chinese Secret Police to the Nine Omens' hideout, and every member of the group was captured -- including Omen's own brother. Impressed by his loyalty to the state over his own family, the CSP offered Deng a position in their ranks. He branded himself "Omen" (in English) in honor of the case that gave him his career. Thanks to the "Nine Omens" and his remarkable skill, Omen is now one of the higher ranking agents in the secret police.

Secret Fact: Despite his apparent loyalty to the People's Republic, Omen Deng has spent his entire life as a True Heirs double agent. The Nine Omens case was a ruse to gain the trust of the Chinese government, and Deng took the name "Omen" to honor the sacrifices of his brother and the other men who gave their lives to secure his cover as an agent of the Chinese Secret Police.

Intel Locations (3+1):
  • Taipei (Assault Triad Headquarters in Slums) -- Gained from Hong Shi at end of mission.
  • Taipei (Retrieve NSB Data from Grand Hotel) -- Gained from hacking NSB computer.
  • Taipei (Safehouse) -- Gained from an email, provided that you left at least one bug in place at the end of the mission Investigate Warehouse Data Trail.
  • Taipei (Stop Omen Deng at Memorial Rally) -- Gained from Omen Deng if you don't kill him at the end of the mission.