Dossier: Deus Vult
  Name: Deus Vult (Marburg's Agents)

Origin: United States

Founded: Unknown

Organization: Corporate Special Forces


Named after Conrad Marburg's signature catch phrase, Marburg's Agents are often former government field agents that have enlisted in the VCI, and then were subsequently promoted to Marburg's personal staff. Many of them have been trained by the US Department of Justice and then by Marburg himself, and they present a threat for even the most hardened espionage agent. While not given to using heavy firepower, Marburg's Agents use small arms fire with surgical precision.

Marburg's Agents are quick to react to threats, use cover, and make liberal use of explosives and mines to even the odds. They use the latest espionage technology for a variety of "dirty" operations, and as a result, many gadgets or ambushes aren't effective against them. While one of Marburg's Agents might fall for a Sound Generator once, they're unlikely to fall for it twice.

Marburg's men have made extensive use of proximity mines in the past. If entering an area where they have had time to set an ambush, agents would be well-advised to check the walls and floors for telltale explosives -- the explosives emit a sound when a target approaches, usually allowing time for a quickfooted agent to get to cover before the charge goes off.

Intel Locations (3):
  • Rome (Contact Halbech Informant / Contact Jibril Al-Bara) -- Gained during your conversation with Marburg.
  • Rome (Safehouse) -- Purchased from the clearinghouse.
  • Rome (Investigate Marburg's Villa) -- Gained from a briefcase.