Dossier: Championchik
  Name: Championchik (Pavel Vanyaev)

Age: 26

Nationality: Russian

Occupation: Former Olympic Heavyweight Boxer


Born in St. Petersburg as Pavel Vanyaev, he grew into a towering young man fond of basketball. In his mid-teens, a local gym owner took him under his wing, convinced Vanyaev would make a phenomenal boxer. The owner was not disappointed: before his 18th birthday, Pavel was winning bouts against boxers with three times his experience, speedily rising through the ranks to compete in international competitions -- even winning the gold medal in the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Not long ago, Championchik accepted a contract with businessman Sergei Surkov, who claimed his life was in danger due to escalating underworld tensions in Moscow. However, relying on Championchik's image as a national hero likely helps Surkov far more than his brawn -- and as long as Surkov keeps paying him handsomely, the boxer has no cause to complain.

His previous coaches (of which he has gone through many) have remarked that Pavel is ill-suited for the life of a bodyguard should things become dangerous. While intimidating, Championchik has a simple-minded reliance that when a fight starts, it will be settled with fists. This resulted in an extended hospital stay in 2005 after an altercation with several drunken fans resulted in the removal of two bullets from his left leg... had the bullet hit a major artery, he would never have lived long enough to win his gold medal in boxing.

Secret Fact: Championchik always wears his gold medal, even while he sleeps. He broke the nose of his last coach when he jokingly suggested it was "Pavel's security blanket."

Intel Locations (3+1):
  • Moscow (Contact Surkov at Moscow Office) -- Gained from Surkov during your conversation with him.
  • Moscow (Safehouse) -- Gained if you reroute the weapons to Grigori during the mission Investigate Weapon Shipments, and then use the "direct" (professional) response to his email.
  • Moscow (Assault Brayko's Mansion) -- [Secret Fact] Gained from hacking computer near vault.
  • Moscow (Prevent Surkov's Escape) -- Gained from hacking computer in lobby.