Dossier: Albatross
  Name: Albatross

Age: Unknown

Nationality: Unknown

Occupation: Leader of G22 Cell


Little is known of Codename "Albatross." It is believed he is a former CIA analyst who faked his death, and surgically altered his face and fingerprints. How a low-ranking, nonviolent analyst would turn up leading a cell of the covert G22 organization is even more difficult to understand. Whether or not Albatross shares his identity with the former CIA analyst (or was responsible for the murders of the other individuals within his division), he should be approached with caution and taken in by any means necessary.

Albatross rarely becomes directly involved in an operation, and the rare occasions he does, he is usually accompanied by his bodyguard, Codename: "Sis." The exact relationship between the two is unknown, but any attempt to apprehend Albatross must have a plan for dealing with Sis first. Cell leaders in G22 are required to be accompanied by a bodyguard at all times, and to travel alone (or to send one's bodyguard on a mission alone) is a violation of G22 protocol.

Albatross and G22 focus on monitoring events and establishing intelligence infrastructures rather than direct intervention. At times, G22 has supplied intelligence to both sides of a known conflict within the span of a few months, the end result doing nothing more than reinforcing the status quo while crushing whatever large scale outbreaks of violence erupt. As much as G22 is obsessed with accumulating information, they are skilled at denying adversaries any information or intelligence on their own organization, making their motivations difficult to ascertain.

According to his own admission (and a quote from the poem), Albatross takes his name from the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Whether he would rain down a similar tragedy on anyone who would harm him or his associates remains to be seen.

Intel Locations (3+1):
  • Taipei (Investigate Warehouse District Data Trail) -- Gained from Albatross at end of mission.
  • Taipei (Safehouse) -- Gained from an email, provided that you left at least one bug in place at the end of the mission Investigate Warehouse Data Trail, and provided that you were stealthy in the mission.
  • Moscow (Safehouse) -- Purchased from the clearinghouse.
  • Endgame (Contact Albatross) -- [Secret Fact] Gained at the end of your conversation with Albatross.