Dossier: Darcy
  Name: Sean Darcy

Age: 26

Nationality: American

Occupation: Field Agent, Alpha Protocol


Sean Darcy graduated from Camp Perry and has been with the CIA until the last two years. During his career with the CIA, he was marked as one of the agency's most gifted technical agents. His proficiency with electronics and surveillance equipment earned the respect of many of his superiors, but did little to advance his career in hands-on field work.

Darcy's career within Alpha Protocol hasn't prevented him from being sidelined from hands-on field work. To make matters worse, Darcy's position at the CIA and again at Alpha Protocol has been made "extra safe" at the request of his father, Senator Patrick Darcy.

Darcy's lack of actual combat experience has caused him to resort "distance take-downs" out of habit. He will seed an area with traps or explosives to subdue or take out a target, then letting squads of soldiers or others at the scene take down an enemy. This has been a key part of his established training sessions against recruits, and Darcy is likely to instinctively fall back on the same tactics if meeting an opponent in the field.

His father's interference in Darcy's career has caused some friction between the two. His father's upcoming bid for the presidency is a sore point with his son, and Darcy himself has negatively remarked on his father's presidential aspirations.

Intel Locations (3+1):
  • Graybox (Graybox) -- Gained from Darcy when you first talk to him, or gained from Mina during her orientation.
  • Saudi Arabia (Safehouse) -- Gained during Mina's briefing for the mission "Bug Al-Samad Airfield" (if you ask her "Why Me?").
  • Saudi Arabia (Safehouse) -- [Secret Fact] Gained during Darcy's mission briefing for "Investigate Jizan Weapon Stockpile," provided that you learned about Darcy's father from Mina during her mission briefing for "Bug Al-Samad Airfield."
  • Safehouse -- Gained if you're terse (aggressive) with Mina in her "how are you holding up?" email, and then choose Darcy when she responds.
  • Safehouse -- Gained if you choose Darcy for Mina's "checking up on your old coworkers" email.