Dossier: Nasri
  Name: Omar Mohammed bin Nasri

Age: 33

Nationality: Saudi

Occupation: Weapons Trafficker


Omar Mohammed bin Nasri is a weapons trafficker based in the Middle East. He has connections throughout Moscow, Eastern Europe, and has been responsible for selling off large Russian weapon stockpiles throughout the world. He has a number of armed guards at his disposal, and he runs a tight operation, where laziness and joking are punished with a bullet... and this attitude is mirrored in his guards' treatment of others who come to make deals with Nasri.

The CIA and Interpol have been aware of Nasri's activities for some time, but putting an end to his operation always comes down to the information Nasri provides by being free vs. how much would be gained by incarcerating him. As one field intelligence operative put it, "putting Nasri in prison would no doubt save many lives, but the intelligence we gain about terrorist groups in the region by tracking his movements and his shipments is equally valuable.

Intel Locations (2):
  • Graybox (Graybox) -- Found in a briefcase during Parker's "Retrieve Data" assignment.
  • Saudi Arabia (Safehouse) -- Gained from Westridge when you first reach the safehouse.