Dossier: Scarlet
  Name: Scarlet Lake

Age: 26

Nationality: American

Occupation: Freelance Photojournalist


Widely regarded as one of the best photojournalists in the world, Scarlet Lake has won multiple awards for her work -- especially covering notoriously dangerous areas and subjects -- and has been wooed by many magazines and press agencies eager to win the exclusive rights to her services. Intelligent, charming, and well-traveled, Scarlet has a reputation for professionalism that ensures she is well spoken of by many in her field: many people brag that they know her well, although with the frequency she travels, it is doubtful that they do.

On the job, Scarlet changes moods on the fly to get access to the shots she needs, alternately becoming vibrant, cheerful, and charming -- then cold, aloof, and aristocratic as need be. One thing is for certain -- she's daring (or crazy) enough to enter regions that scare other pros, which is responsible for many of the awards she's received over the years. Scarlet is focused on the story and the facts and getting the truth to the public, damn the political consequences -- which makes her a perfect source for any news uncovered on corrupt American corporations or their government affiliates.

While Scarlet is technically an American citizen, she has traveled so extensively, it would be difficult for her to call any one nation "home." She became a world traveler at a young age -- she first landed in Italy when she was ten, living in a villa in the countryside outside of Milan. According to reports, her mother, Rosemarie, was much the same way, frequently gone for long periods of time on excursions across the globe. Scarlet has had few close friends (she was home-schooled from age ten onwards), but was reportedly extremely close to her mother.

Scarlet and her mother were forced to become world travelers due to troubles in the States... Scarlet's mother's identity in the CIA was leaked for political reasons, causing her to flee the states and take up residence abroad. Her mother died of cancer when Scarlet was twenty, and Scarlet left their home and began her career in photojournalism, starting with a violent protest in France, then moving on to Monaco, and then elsewhere across the globe, never staying long in any one place.

Secret Fact: Scarlet is a freelance assassin employed by Halbech. She has leveraged her photojournalism career into that of a sniper, and she is the one who shot Ronald Sung. The reason she became involved in the events in Taipei is unclear, but it must have allowed her to get closer to Sung for some reason.

Intel Locations (4+1):
  • Saudi Arabia -- Gained during your flight with Scarlet at the conclusion of the Saudi Arabia portion of the campaign.
  • Taipei (Investigate Warehouse District Data Trail) -- Received from folder near exit to roof.
  • Moscow (Intercept Surkov at US Embassy) -- Gained from hacking a computer on level 3.
  • Rome (Investigate Delivery at Warehouse) -- Found inside safe.
  • Endgame (Infiltrate Alpha Protocol) -- [Secret Fact] Gained when you listen to Omen Deng's message after downloading files to your PDA, or
  • Endgame (Infiltrate Alpha Protocol) -- [Secret Fact] Told to you by Scarlet in the interrogation room.