Dossier: Brayko
  Name: Konstantin Brayko

Age: 32

Nationality: Russian

Occupation: Mafia Boss ("Outsiders")


Born in the slums of Moscow during the Cold War, Konstantin Brayko soon proved he had more than enough resolve to survive. By age fourteen, Brayko was pimping out his three sisters, aggressively defending his territory and unafraid to kill older rivals looking to force him out of his position. Brayko gained a deserved reputation as a quick-witted kid who was just the right level of psycho to be an effective soldier. One of the bosses of the largest mafia group in Moscow is rumored to have taken him under his wing and then accepted him into his inner circle -- and Brayko's rise in the criminal underworld began. Konstantin has always show a tendency for ending his rivals with his knives... while he may have one or two of his "buddies" rough up someone to get them warmed up for the main course, he inevitably will want to finish a target himself.

Brayko made a name for himself within the criminal underworld as an enforcer. Known for his baby face, gaudy clothes, and unpredictable personality, Brayko was feared more than respected. If someone owed the mob, they paid when Brayko showed up -- those that tested him learned the hard way. Worse than shooting a victim and getting it over with, Brayko's M.O. involved slicing up deadbeats so bad that they wished they were dead. For those that shot back, Brayko was known for carrying multiple Skorpion submachine guns under his tacky sports coats.

According to reports, the mob boss that took Brayko under his wing was none other than Sergei Surkov -- he was the one who first offered the young man a position within his organization. Brayko refused, declaring he'd never start out at the bottom again -- and Surkov, impressed by Brayko's fearlessness, gave him a position within his inner circle. From there, Brayko soon became Surkov's second in command, and became close friends with the mafia boss (although he refused to emulate his mentor's cultured style, instead immersing himself in circa 1980's American pop culture). Brayko handled much of the extortion, collection, and drug trafficking for Surkov. The drug dealing is the source of friction between the two, however -- Brayko dipped into his own product to excess, and was hospitalized more than once for cocaine use.

According to reports, Brayko and Surkov had a recent falling-out -- Surkov announcing his intent to go legit, and Brayko splitting from Surkov's, claiming that Surkov intends to kill him. Whether the tension between the two has any basis in fact, Brayko's extensive drug use was only part of the reason for the split... the true dispute involved money, profit from deals that Surkov was involved in that he was not sharing with his protege.

Secret Fact: Brayko's taste in clothing and decorum is undisputedly tacky... the result of a flood of American culture hitting Moscow after the wall fell. While others immersed themselves in Western culture classics, Brayko fed on the sights and sounds of the 80s. Unlike other mobsters in Moscow who took their cue from the Francis Ford Coppola movie The Godfather Brayko found more empathy with The Outsiders, and the gang he controls is nicknamed after it.

Intel Locations (4+1):
  • Moscow (Intercept Surkov at US Embassy) -- Gained from Surkov at the end of the mission (if he doesn't trust you), or
  • Moscow (Contact Surkov at Moscow Office) -- Gained from Surkov during your conversation with him.
  • Moscow (Safehouse) -- Purchased from the clearinghouse.
  • Moscow (Assault Brayko's Mansion) -- Gained from briefcase in guest house.
  • Moscow (Assault Brayko's Mansion) -- Gained from briefcase in ballroom foyer.
  • Moscow (Prevent Surkov's Escape) -- [Secret Fact] Found in locked safe on upper floor.