Dossier: Heck
  Name: Steven Heck

Age: Unknown

Nationality: Unknown (American?)

Occupation: Dry Cleaner...?


Heck seems to know everything there is to know about what's going on in Taipei, and if he doesn't directly, he often knows someone who does. It has been suggested that Heck knows about the underground because he often sells info or blackmails criminals to fund his covert ops, the goals of which are only known to him. He claims to be a member of a top-secret branch of the CIA, with total operational discretion and oversight. The precise nature of his operations and the sphere of his influence remain unknown. Affiliates remain unknown.

Along with his enigmatic objectives, Heck employs a self-devised method of combat which he describes as "liquid terror," a lighting fast series of darts and dashes that he uses to accurately kill or cripple multiple opponents with his hands, a pair of sharp objects, and sometimes a silenced pistol. Since very few people have actually lived to tell the tale, many chalk this technique up to Heck's own hype and disinformation. Nevertheless, dates when Heck claims to have been engaged in operational activity coincide with reports of unusual causes of death at the Taipei morgue, including a man with known Triad affiliations found with the chassis of a ten-speed mountain bike driven through his torso and a Vatican Intelligence agent with his airway obstructed by 17 communion wafers.

Secret Fact: Heck does not seem to be affiliated with any professional intelligence organizations and has never been linked officially to any CIA operations. He could be categorized as a freelance operative, but then, he is said to trade his services for favors, not cash. There is no question as to his broad knowledge of Taipei and he is definitely familiar with the more infamous personalities of the city (and they him), but even close scrutiny of his behavior yields no certain agenda. His coolheaded conduct and manner of casual speech would define him as either one of the world's most collected, ingenious agents or as a complete lunatic that has tricked himself into believing this.

Intel Locations (2+1):
  • Taipei (Safehouse) -- Gained during your initial conversation with Mina.
  • Taipei (Safehouse) -- Purchased from the clearinghouse.
  • Taipei (Retrieve NSB Data from Grand Hotel) -- Gained from deleting Steven Heck's dossier from NSB computer.