Dossier: Mina
  Name: Mina Tang

Age: 27

Nationality: American

Occupation: Intelligence Analyst, Alpha Protocol


Mina Tang is an analyst first, a tactician second, and a field agent third. She's been with Alpha Protocol for about a year, working primarily in encrypting and decrypting information. She assists Alan Parker on intel assignments, but is also called upon to help train new recruits in firearm basics. Her data analysis led to the discovery of several missing advanced prototype missiles from Halbech's stock, and the evidence she obtained forms the basis for Desert Spear (the mission to track down and deal with Sheikh Ali Shaheed).

Mina was with the National Security Administration for several years before coming to Alpha Protocol... they asked her to join out of college, right after a calculus professor had told a friend in the NSA about her mathematical ability. All her reviews at the NSA bordered on above average to outstanding, but eventually she decided the work was not for her, and resigned. According to records, Alpha Protocol contacted her the hour after she placed her resignation letter on her superior's desk at the NSA. Once Alpha Protocol explained their purpose and her assignment, she agreed to join the agency.

Mina found work within the National Security Administration unsatisfying -- and to quote her own words, she "didn't feel she was doing much to make the world a safer place." She has had more luck with Alpha Protocol -- her field work with Alan Parker in Halbech's Milan office was largely responsible for the discovery of the missing Halbech missiles and the first mission to Saudi Arabia. It is unusual, however, in that both Mina and Parker were made unaware of each other's presence.

Mina has been inserted into Alpha Protocol as a spy to monitor their activities -- as such, it is possible she never truly resigned her role in the National Security Administration, but instead has continued to feed them information about Alpha Protocol's activities.

Secret Fact: Mina is directly responsible for interfering with Operation Desert Spear, cutting Michael Thorton loose from the agency and forcing him to enact Alpha Protocol. She claims she did this because only a rogue agent operating independently can stop Halbech and Alpha Protocol.

Intel Locations (4+1):
  • Graybox (Graybox) -- Gained when you first talk to Mina using your PDA.
  • Graybox (Graybox) -- Gained from beating Mina's bonus challenge after completing weapons orientation.
  • Saudi Arabia (Safehouse) -- Gained during Mina's briefing for the mission "Bug Al-Samad Airfield" (if you ask her about her dossier).
  • Rome (Bug CIA Listening Post) -- Gained from picking up files on third floor.
  • Endgame (Safehouse) -- [Secret Fact] Gained during your initial conversation with Mina, but only if you don't romance her.