Dossier: Jibril Al-Bara
  Name: Jibril Al-Bara

Age: Unknown

Nationality: Saudi

Occupation: Professor of Arab Studies


Jibril Al-Bara (the literal translation of is name is Gabriel the Innocent) is believed to be a cell leader for Al-Samad in Rome. Little information exists on the target, and to all accounts, Jibril values his privacy, which is strangely at odds with his reportedly extensive social network. In the past, his safehouses and residences have employed an extensive surveillance system, and it is guaranteed that common routes into his compound will be heavily monitored by cameras and armed guards... if infiltrating a location where Al-Bara is assumed to be, it is recommended that all due caution be used in performing any suspicious activity, including assault, in the line of sight of cameras or the mission is likely to end in failure.

Al-Bara is a practiced socialite, and while he is difficult to track at most times, his gatherings attract many noteworthy figures in Europe and beyond, many of them well-connected. As much as harming Al-Bara would cause repercussions within Al-Samad, harming his guests may cause repercussions in public circles.

Al-Bara's desire for privacy vs. his extensive social network are at odds with each other. He recognizes the need for networking and promoting himself, but does so in rigidly controlled conditions. Al-Bara is unlikely to meet guests at the gate, and once they are inside, he often has his servants or guards handle the formal escort procedures. Any attempt to reach Al-Bara will require getting past several layers of his compound then being patient until he makes his eventual appearance.

Secret Fact: Jibril is a confirmed cell leader of Al-Samad, and while his sympathies clearly lie with the terrorist organization, the State Department has implicated him in various financial corruption scandals, but this information doesn't match Interpol's financial records on Al-Bara. Strangely enough, the State Department's evidence was added to Al-Bara's file a few months before Operation Desert Spear was set in motion to deal with Shaheed.

Intel Locations (3+1):
  • Rome (Safehouse) -- Gained during your initial conversation with Mina.
  • Rome (Bug CIA Listening Post) -- Gained from hacking computer on third floor.
  • Rome (Safehouse) -- Purchased from the clearinghouse, or
  • Rome (Identify Jibril Al-Bara at Chateau) -- Gained from Mina when you identify Al-Bara.
  • Rome (Identify Jibril Al-Bara at Chateau) -- [Secret Fact] Gained from Mina when you identify Al-Bara.