Dossier: SIE
  Name: SIE

Age: Early 40s (?)

Nationality: German

Occupation: Mercenary


Not much is known of the operative "SIE" other than her status as an ex-Stasi agent, and a long list of conflicts in which she has been spotted... usually partaking in the action. Records indicate she was recruited into East German Intelligence at a young age and trained to be an elite agent.

SIE's career had barely begun by the time the Stasi was expelled -- records indicate that SIE became a freelancer shortly afterwards: the closest the CIA has gotten to acquiring more intelligence was in 1990, after she offered information on Stasi officials for a reported price of $5 million. The Director of the German branch of the CIA was asked to bring her into custody by the head of German Intelligence as a personal favor, but during the attempted apprehension, SIE killed two junior operatives, six German police officers, and wounded ten others.

SIE regularly works for the Egyptian Arms Consortium, the Russian mafia, Burmese drug lords, the North Korean government, and the Veteran Combat Initiative -- data indicates she is currently under contract with the VCI for an undisclosed operation in Moscow.

SIE has a fierce pragmatism, switching between ally and enemy quite quickly when the situation demands it. She doesn't hold grudges, and sees everyone as tools to reaching her objective... her paycheck. It is possible that when a mission is complete and she's been paid, that she might change sides completely if given the right incentive.

Secret Fact: SIE bears no love for Conrad Marburg, despite the fact she works for the VCI. Something that angers one will make the other well-disposed to the person responsible.

Intel Locations (4+1):
  • Moscow (Investigate Weapon Shipments) -- Gained when you first meet SIE.
  • Moscow (Investigate Weapon Shipments) -- Gained from hacking a computer.
  • Moscow (Intercept Surkov at US Embassy) -- Gained from hacking a computer on level 1.
  • Moscow (Prevent Surkov's Escape) -- Gained from hacking computer on upper floor.
  • Rome (Contact Halbech Informant / Contact Jibril Al-Bara) -- [Secret Fact] Gained during your conversation with Marburg, but only if you previously met SIE in Moscow.