Dossier: Marburg
  Name: Conrad Marburg

Age: 65

Nationality: American

Occupation: Operations Chief, Veteran Combat Initiative


Marburg was Chief of Security for Halbech a year ago before he resigned and took up the job of Chief of Operations for the Veteran Combat Initiative. Whatever his reasons for the transfer, it is unlikely he has given up his commitment to Halbech, so the career change is something of a mystery.

Judging from employee reports from his tenure at Halbech, Marburg doesn't have a good read on people -- in almost all respects except for military hires, he's chosen employees poorly. He assumes professionalism and loyalty, yet he doesn't test for it... but once an employee has proven themselves disloyal, he is quick to let them go and sever all ties. He gives people one chance to prove themselves, and if they let him down, he lets them go abruptly.

Marburg still carries out VCI field operations, and judging from the debriefings, he's a one-man army. He's carried out operations in Kuwait, South Africa, and was believed to have been involved in an oil refinery explosion in Moscow... in each instance, he was in and out, quickly and efficiently.

Marburg keeps his mission in mind -- he has no sense of bravado or chivalry, and will retreat from a battle if a prolonged firefight is jeopardizing his mission. He expects the same of his subordinates, and they all understand the nature of sacrifice when it comes to accomplishing an objective.

Marburg is getting along in years, but he still trains in martial arts almost every morning after his ten mile run -- opponents who think that getting in close enough to take him down will be in for a shock. Marburg is exceptionally skilled in hand-to-hand combat, so unless an attacker is confident in their hand-to-hand skills, a firefight with Marburg has a chance of turning out better than a brawl will. The only time he is unlikely to outmaneuver or block an opponent is when he is reloading his pistol -- any other time will have him ready and on his guard to take down opponents.

Records indicate Marburg did not officially survive whatever happened in Pakistan, but he was clearly on a United States operation when the Pakistani incident took place. Whatever the mission's official name, someone matching Conrad's profile was serving a role for a black ops agency named "Deus Vult." The results of the mission were disastrous enough that all files and all trace of the operation were destroyed. An entire Delta Force team was lost, relations with Pakistan were nearly destroyed -- whatever took place could've embarrassed the military and the administration to the world.

Secret Fact: Leland uncovered Marburg's past and used it to his benefit. Once Leland discovered Marburg worked in a black operations division with little or no accountability (and prone to disposing of agents), he quickly accessed his contacts within the government to see if a current iteration of Deus Vult existed... leading him to Alpha Protocol, and to its agent roster.

Intel Locations (6+1):
  • Rome (Safehouse) -- Gained during your initial conversation with Mina.
  • Rome (Bug CIA Listening Post) -- Gained from briefcase on second floor.
  • Rome (Safehouse) -- Gained from an email after completing the mission Intercept NSA Intelligence.
  • Rome (Safehouse) -- Purchased from the clearinghouse.
  • Rome (Investigate Marburg's Villa) -- Found in briefcase in Marburg's secret room.
  • Rome (Intercept Marburg at Museum of Art) -- Found in briefcase in locked storage room.
  • Endgame (Infiltrate Alpha Protocol) -- Gained from hacking computer.
  • Endgame (Infiltrate Alpha Protocol) -- [Secret Fact] Gained from hacking computer.