Temple District (AR0900)

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1 - Cult Teachings

The first time entering this area, you will witness a member of the Cult of the Unseeing Eye preaching his gospel to a crowd of onlookers. After things settle down, you are approached by a member of the Temple of Helm, who asks you to speak with you at the Temple of Helm (area #2).

2 - Temple of Helm

The Temple of Helm will provide you with many tasks. The first is to rid them of the Cult of the Unseeing Eye, which begins in the Temple Sewers.

3 - Pimico's Estate

Pimico's estate is involved with Korgan's quest to find the Book of Kaza. While you're in the area, you'll also want to grab the Diamond in the eye of the nearby statue. You have to stand far away from the statue in order to target the eye.

4 - Hall of the Radiant Heart

This is the Hall of the Radiant Heart, a location you'll want to visit if you're a Paladin or if you have Anomen in your party. Before entering, you can meet up with Garrick (the bard from the original Baldur's Gate) outside its entrance for a small chat. Inside, there are quite a few quests you can partake of. Check out our Anomen quest section or our Paladin quest section for further details.

5 - Temple of Talos

The Temple of Talos is involved with at least a few quests. One in particular is given to you by Mae'Var (in the Docks District) if you are working for Renal Bloodscalp. In order to gain Mae'Var's trust, he will ask you to visit this temple and steal a necklace. Simply walk to one of the southern rooms during nightfall and grab the necklace (no bloodshed is necessary).

6 - Unmarked Building

Here you'll find a building that is most definitely worth entering. It is guarded by an assortment of baddies, but some very good equipment can be looted inside, including the Celestial Fury +3, Full Plate Mail +1, a Two Handed Sword +2, Leather Armor +3, a Helmet of Defense, a couple of Spears +3, and much more. If you're looking for a good fight with great rewards, this is one place you don't want to miss.

7 - Sewers

One of three grates leading down into the Athkatla Sewers.

8 - Sewers

One of three grates leading down into the Athkatla Sewers.

9 - Sewers

One of three grates leading down into the Athkatla Sewers.