Docks District (AR0300)

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1 - Priest of Cyric

You'll encounter a deranged Priest of Cyric here. He'll ask you what god you pray to, with his response depending on your wisdom. If it's high enough, you can tell him that you already worship Cyric and avoid a battle. Otherwise, you'll be forced to slay him.

2 - Shadow Thieves' Guild

This is the entrance to the Shadow Thieves' guild. Inside you can talk to Renal Bloodscalp to get the Thief Stronghold quest. Once you have gotten the key from Gaelan Bayle (from the Slums District) you will also be able to head through a secret door in the first room to Aran Linvail, the Shadowmaster. If you have sided with Bodhi, the thieves will be aggressive towards you.

3 - Prebek's Home

In order to prove your worth to the Harpers down at area #9, you'll have to enter this home and kill Prebek, a mage who is experimenting with creatures.

4 - Valygar's Home

If you have Valygar in your party, this is his home. If you haven't picked up Valygar yet, you'll be able to find a few clues about his whereabouts here.

5 - Sea's Bounty Tavern

The Sea's Bounty tavern contains a few interesting encounters. First, when you're working for Mae'Var (the guild leader at area #6), you'll have to do a couple of quests involving this place. Secondly, on the lower level, there is a secret door that leads to a pirate/smuggler den where you can get yourself into a good fight. I don't recall exactly what spoils are to be found, but I know you can gain some good gold here.

Thirdly, if you have Jaheira in your party, upon descending to the lower level you will run into an old enemy of hers. He will curse Jaheira and you will be forced to find a cure for her. If you head to the Slums District, you can find the culprit in one of the derelict houses. Kill him and take her locke of hair back (which was used to curse her), and after a good rest she will be back to normal. Lastly, the owner of this tavern is also part of Jan Jansen's quest to find the "Hidden." You'll need to tell him that you're a Seeker in order to further the quest.

6 - Mae'Var's Guildhall

If you've spoken with Renal Bloodscalp up in the Shadow Thieves' guild at area #2, then you will be sent here to learn of Mae'Var's treachery (you can find Mae'Var in the basement, one level below the ground floor). Mae'Var will send you on a couple of quests to prove your allegiance and then will send you to Edwin, the mage on the third floor. Once you've done a couple of quests for Edwin, he will tell you of Mae'Var's plans to kill Aran Linvail and how to prove it.

At this point, you can have Edwin join your party if you wish. Either way, you can head to Renal, tell him of Mae'Var's plans, and be authorized to kill Mae'Var for the Shadow Thieves. Wipe out Mae'Var (and grab some good loot, including the Shadow Armor) and you will get some excellent experience and a nice pile of gold.

Finally, it's also worth mention that two Rogue Stones can be found in this guildhall. One is behind one of the locked doors in the "room of many doors" and the other can be purchased from the merchant when you first enter the guild.

7 - Cromwell's Forge

Cromwell, the dwarven blacksmith, makes his home here. He can forge an assortment of powerful items for you. For a full list, see our Cromwell's Forge section.

8 - Rylock

At some point while traveling through Athkatla, you will be ambushed by a bunch of thugs. After defeating them, you'll find a man by the name of Renfeld that has been poisoned by them. He will request that you bring him to Rylock in the Docks District, which is right here.

Talk to Rylock and give him the sick man for a nice experience reward. Additionally, if you've talked to Xzar at area #10, you can confront Rylock about this establishment being the Harper headquarters. He admits it and sends you to take care of Prebec at area #3 in order to gain entrance.

9 - Cargo Shipment Investigation

If you are working for Aran Linvail of the Thieves' Guild at area #2, at one point you'll be sent here to the ship docks to investigate a cargo shipment with a thief called Mook. Once complete, head back to Aran and tell him what happened. This will lead to the next step in finding Imoen.

10 - Xzar

If you have brought Renfeld, the poisoned man, to Rylock at area #8, a wizard by the name of Xzar (yep, the same guy from the first Baldur's Gate) will be standing here. He will tell you that Rylock's "home" is actually a headquarters for the Harpers. He will also ask for you to get inside and save his comrade, who just so happens to have been captured by them.

11 - Kangaxx the Lich

This unmarked house is the beginning of the Kangaxx the Lich quest. Inside, you'll fight some Minotaurs and then proceed to the cellar. Try to open the tomb there and a voice will ask for you to retrieve some arms, legs, and a torso in order to restore its body.

Head to the Athkatla Sewers and grab the Golden Arms & Legs, then to the Bridge District where you'll recover the Golden Torso. Return back here and hand over the body parts. You'll be faced with Kangaxx the Lich first, then once he is defeated, you'll face his Demilich form. Once you've bested him, you'll be the proud owner of the Ring of Gaxx. Check our Strategy Guides section for ways of defeating Kangaxx, as he's definitely not an easy fight.