Windspear Hills (AR1200)

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1 - Arrival

Upon your initial visit to this zone, you'll be confronted by some knights that have an illusion cast on them. They'll appear as monsters to you, and, unfortunately, a battle is unavoidable. Once the skirmish has concluded, a man named Garren Windspear will stroll along and witness the aftermath. Explain the situation to him, then allow him to bring you to his home at area #2.

2 - Garren Windspear's Home

Garren will explain that he can clear your name for the slaying of the knights, since he knows it was an illusion. He also speaks of Lord Jierdan Firkraag, who has stolen this land out from under him. While visiting with Garren, you'll be ambushed by bandits, who will kidnap Garren's daughter/son (his child's gender depends upon your protagonist's gender). Garren asks you to find his daughter/son and mentions that they may have taken him to the ruins in the northeast (area #4).

After you've rescued his son or daughter and dealt with Lord Jierdan Firkraag, Garren thanks you profusely and your party receives 44,500 experience points.

3 - Fairy Ring

Here you'll find a fairy ring and will speak to the Fairy Queen. If you give her the acorns from the dryads in Irenicus Prison 1, you'll be rewarded with some nice experience.

4 - Windspear Hills Dungeon

The entrance to the first level of the Windspear Hills dungeon is located here. Head inside to begin your quest to find Garren's son/daughter.