Slums District (AR0400)

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1 - Copper Coronet

This is the Copper Coronet, one of the most important areas of the game. You'll be able to recruit Anomen, Nalia, and Korgan from inside here, as well as obtain numerous quests.

If you have Mazzy in your party, then one of the quests presents itself before you even enter the inn. An Ogre will begin harassing and challenging Mazzy for being a halfling, which will prompt Mazzy to accept a duel with the Ogre. Next, enter the tavern and you'll meet an alchemist near the stairs. The alchemist will offer you a potion to drug the Ogre.

At this point, you can either accept the potion or refuse it, but we recommend taking it since Mazzy will be fighting without her equipment. If you do accept it, find the Ogre's lover and convince her to mix the potion in the Ogre's drink.

2 - Planar Sphere

This is the entrance to the Planar Sphere. To open the Sphere, you need Valygar (the NPC from the Umar Hills) or his corpse if you chose to kill him. If your main character is a mage, you will gain the sphere as your stronghold once you've defeated Lavok.

3 - Book of Kaza

This is the location of the final confrontation in Korgan's quest. You'll get the Book of Kaza from the leader of this ragtag bunch, which can be sold for a decent price to various shops.

4 - Slaver Compound

Here you'll find the Slaver Compound, which can be entered in one of two ways. One way is through the front door, although I had a bit of a scuffle with the guard and was locked out. The other way involves traveling through the sewers beneath the Copper Coronet and up through a doorway to end up inside the compound.

5 - Gaelan Bayle

This is Gaelan Bayle's home, the man who offers to help you find Imoen near the beginning of the game. On the second floor of his home is a thief selling some pretty decent wares, so you'll most likely want to pay him a visit.

6 - Remove Jaheira's Curse

Another derelict home resides here. If you have Jaheira in your party when exploring the Docks District, you may have been cursed by a Baron. If so, here is where you'll want to travel in order to end his life, therefore ending the curse.

7 - Temple of Ilmater

You can find a Temple of Ilmater perched upon an upper level here. There is one thing definitely worthy of mention here. After you have finished the Asylum and killed Yoshimo, you can bring his heart back here for a whopping 200,000 experience points!

8 - Exit

This road leads out of the Slums District.

9 - Exit

This road leads out of the Slums District.