Should one choose to stick with Jaheira for the duration of the game there are quite a few interactions and incidents concerning her relationship with the Harper society to look forward to. Early in the game she will be called away for consultations and when she returns ( quite abruptly, actually... ) it is with a request that you follow her to the Harper headquarters for an interview with her superiors. The interview turns out to be more of an inquisition headed by a man called Galvarey. Jaheira eventually becomes suspicious of the questions and the motive behind them and the episode culminates in a fight where Jaheira sides with you against her own organization. From that moment on your party will be constantly harassed by Harper contingents, one of them led by Jaheira´s mentor, Dermin. At one point Jaheira even leaves the party during the night, leaving a note behind saying that she must return and face the... Harper music, as it were. You can posthaste to the Harper HQ and try to woo her back, and, after some gruff repartee, she will admit that she is very happy to see you. The next meeting with Dermin will result in Jaheira exposing him and Galvarey as rogue Harpers, using the Amn branch of the organization for their own evil purposes.

Later, after the harper hold has been cleared of Galvarey, and after Dermin has finally revealed the whole thing, Jaheira will be visited by the man who found her note blowing in the wind. This may be outside or inside the town. The mans name is Terminsel (an anagram of Elminster, his only appearance, lucky her), and he tells her that the real Harpers are impressed with her actions and not to worry. He gives her an amulet, Jaheira's Harper Pin, only useable by her, (+5 Save vs Death - Immune to Lightning and Magic Missiles - Non Detection). Bloody good item too. After this, I believe the quest is finished. If you are romancing Jaheira, that night sees further developments.

Another quest of Jaheira's involves finding a note in a run down house on the east side of the slums to a Mr. Proyer about some spells being finished (more pain above quality, or something), and that they were ready for whenever Mr. Proyer located 'her'. When I went to the Sea's Bounty Tavern at the docks, to the downstairs half, Jaheira was accosted by Mr. Proyer. Apparently, she had exposed him as a slaver, and all his property had been seized (Jaheira would have preferred that Proyer was killed). He blamed her for all of it, and had used his remaining money to put a curse on her (4 different stats decreased). Her health is supposed to be in decline. (I don't know if this is a timed quest, cause I solved it 'in time' apparently.) Three mages appear and cast the curse on her, then disappear, and Proyer leaves the tavern. The curse is specific to Jaheira, thus cannot be removed by healers. There are 3 routes to be taken to try to remove the curse - track down the mages that were hired by going to the Government District, speak to the bartender at the Copper Coronet, or find Proyer in the slums.

I opted to go to the bartender first...who said that a man that Proyer referred to (Harper friend of Jaheira) had been found dead (looking poorly like Jaheira now does) in the east slums. I then went to the house that I found the note in and find Proyer. I end up fighting Proyer and the three mages that he's hired, killing them all. I retrieve a piece of Jaheira's hair that was used to curse her, and the quest states that resting should remove the curse, and has been moved to the 'completed quests' part of my journal. Resting for a total of 24 hrs removes the curse.