When you return to the city (after completing the Druid Grove), Cernd is met by an old neighbor who says his former wife was pregnant when he upped to become a nature boy. You travel to his former home in the Promenade where you meet another of his acquaintances. He suggests that to find Cernd's wife and son you should visit his former servant (she lives just above Cernd's home). She won't talk to Cernd so return alone and smooth things out. It turns out Cernd's wife remarried to a noble in the Government District (lives in southwest corner adjoining estate at which the sculptor is staying). The new husband treated Cernd's ex badly apparently and she is by now dead. Head over there where you will be greeted by the golem guard. Offer him a grand to fetch his master (don't worry you get it back). The golem breaks open the barred door and dies in the process. You then face the 'guardian' of the kid - a mid level wizard who is no real challenge. Cernd then takes his son back to the Druid Grove running off with any equipment you've given him to hold!