If your main character is a mage, and after you have completed the Valygar NPC-specific quest, you will become the (proud?) owner of the Planar Sphere. Once you're the owner, go back inside and talk to the Knights of Solamnia. They want you to find them a way home, but the Planar Sphere will no longer travel through dimensions. You will be approached by a Cowled Wizard named Teos. He proposes an alliance between you and the Cowled Wizards, which you should accept. If you then ask him for help in returning the Knights of Solamnia to their home, he will tell you to speak with Ribald Barterman in the Adventurer's Mart.

Head to the Adventurer's Mart and talk to Ribald. He will ask for 9000 gp in order to provide a means for them to get home. If you pay up, a mage will teleport into the sphere the following day. She will bring the Knights home and you'll get 45,000 xp along with the Golden Girdle. If you decide not to pay, you can approach the House of the Radiant Heart in order to find a means to send the Knights home. If you do it this way, however, you will not receive the Golden Girdle (although you'll get the same amount of experience).

After almost another full day, the Cowled Wizard Teos will show up in the sphere with three apprentices for you: Larz, Nara, and Morul. You can instruct the apprentices to create magical equipment for you, such as the Wand of Apprenti (1000 gold/4 days), a Dagger of "Insert your name here" (250 gold/4 days), or a Ring of Protection (2000 gold/4 days).

There is a chance that your apprentices will fail the creation of your magic item, no matter which you choose. If you choose the Ring of Protection, Larz will die during the process... this isn't random. In order to tell whether or not the mages are going to fail, watch their response when you ask for them to build an item for you. If they tell you that the item will take a few days, then they will live to tell about it. If they tell you that the item will take four days, then at least one is going to die.

After you've had them create your first item, they will then offer to create a scroll for you. You can have them create Mislead (250 gp/4 days), Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting (1000 gp/4 days), Meteor Swarm (2500 gp/4 days). If you choose Meteor Swarm, Nara will be killed during its creation.

Once you've finished with the scrolls, your apprentices will offer one last item for you. These are more powerful than the first and include the Staff of Power. The items they offer to create are a Robe of Apprenti (250 gp/4 days), a Ring of Wizardry (3000 gp/4 days), a Staff of Power (10,000 gp/4 days), or you can choose that they not create any items for you.

How this last item turns out depends upon how many of your apprentices are still alive. If you choose the Robe of Apprenti, Larz will die. Choose the Ring of Wizardry and Nara and Larz will die. The Staff of Power requires that all of your apprentices be alive, and upon success OR failure they will all die. The only way to keep all your apprentices alive is to not choose an item on the last dialogue.

Teos, the Cowled Wizard, will return after you've went through creating the items. If you've killed all your apprentices, he will lecture you. If some or all of them have survived, he will hold a Graduation ceremony for them in the Sphere. If they all survived, you'll get 50,000 xp, otherwise you won't receive any.

After this, sometime while you're adventuring, you'll be approached by a man who will tell you to return to the Planar Sphere. Teos will also show up at the Planar Sphere for this "meeting". It turns out that you have been set up and are attacked by the man (the one who asked you to come here in the first place) and his friends. After winning, you'll find out that the ambush was carried out under the command of Lord Argrim. Teos will explain that you shouldn't kill him, but to trap him in a Maze with a rune that he gives you.

Head to the Crooked Crane in the City Gates district, where you'll find Lord Argrim on the second floor. Trap him with the rune, kill his thugs, and then return to the sphere. You'll get 7500 xp when you tell Teos the news.

Once you've come this far, one of your old apprentices, Morul, will return and offer to create potions for you each week (if he survived and graduated). You'll get 5 potions per week, which will fall under the following groups:

- Potion of Extra Healing , Potion of Insight, Potion of Invulnerability (cursed), Potion of Master Thievery, Potion of Perception

- Elixir of Health, Oil of Speed, Potion of Fire Resistance, Potions of Genius (2)

- Potion of Frost Giant Strength, Potion of Genius, Potion of Invulnerability, Potion of Regeneration, Potion of Stone Form

- Potion of Agility, Potion of Cold Resistance, Potion of Defense, Potion of Firebreath, and an empty potion bottle